Is today’s spirituality genuine?

I took a break from blogging for 2 reasons:

a) I have been busy;

b) I feel better blogging when I have something to say (or to get off my chest) rather than just making up daily blogs for the sake of google ratings.

However I come back a little disillusioned. In the last few years of my spiritual journey I discovered that there were things I used to want to do that I did not want to do anymore, and other new ones entered my life that, even now, are propelling me on a quite different path.

But the more I read, learn and meet people the more it seems that the whole thing of Love, Light, and working this way is really just a facade for ego boosting and money-making.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of genuine and loving people out there and we all need to make a buck to pay our bills.

But what I am seeing more and more that makes me so uncomfortable are people playing God. With internet access being so huge so many claim to be this or that, or being able to give you this or that. I have (many times over) witnessed so-called “qualified” coaches and therapist telling someone suffering from depression that it was solely their fault for being negative. Or people charging great amount of money to “rid” someone of negativity. People claiming to cure terminal illnesses. While some of this has probably always been around, the internet now is making it oh so easy for people who are desperate or in unbearable pain to reach out to these people. And there is also the issue that of course these affects the reputation of genuine therapists, coaches etc.

I don’t know if there is a solution for this. But it saddens me to see it. As an empath I feel sometimes the person pain while they reach out. And therein lies the power. I’ll stop ranting now, but I hope that someday we will all reach the higher consciousness needed to realise that in order to help others we first need to help and heal ourselves.

Namaste 🙂




The Angel of the Yellow Ray is also connected to the Solar Plexus chakra point. Which is very important for emotional balance, stress and tiredness/apathy.

I have had this colour on mind for a while which is unusual for me since I really dislike yellow. A quick “scan” with the help of Reiki energy found imbalances both in my solar plexus and base chakra (the latter was way overactive).

This is what came of it when I put it on canvas

Yellow Ray

I also thought it formed a nice connection with my Phoenix…what do you think?


Dying to be me (Anita Moorjani)

I just wanted to share this here because it was such a lovely experience.  Anita Moorjani is the author of Dying to be me a book recounting her experience of surviving Death and terminal cancer and her NDE (Near Death Experience) which resulted in a truly life changing experience for her.

Last monday she was talking at St. James’s Church in London and I had my ticket already since July. However I did not expect the place to be packed, I mean the queue went around the building twice. It was my first time in this particular Church venue and the building was stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere quite peaceful and full of expectancy. I won’t go into too much detail here, feel free to follow the link above and buy her book which is wonderful. What I wanted to share here was how this woman conveyed such a peaceful feeling to the audience and was brutally honest even when recalling very personal matters. Her way of narrating her experience of going through the stages of: finding out she had cancer, being told she had not long to live, the pain of the treatments and finally her slipping into a coma and “crossing over” was straight to the point and honest. At no point she slipped into wishy-washy stuff or made herself to be better than anyone else.

She talked about Fear, Loving oneself and how we are so often stopped in this life by fear of this or that or the other. How repressing emotions can work against us, how loving oneself first and foremost is so important. And how it all really does not matter because, in the end, we all are as one.

I really wish the talk would have lasted longer and I think I will reread her book too, I would highly recommend it for you too 🙂

Dream sharing

I have been reading a lot about dreams lately, and also working with my dreams, not only by interpreting them but also by trying to access past issues in a more lucid way and healing past lives issues. And I keep coming across dream related materials and stories all the time now. In fictions books I read, blogs, films and more. Inception starring Leonardo di Caprio hinted at technology being able to do just that: dream sharing with others. Imagine a world where you can enter someone else’s dream and make them aware of yours. Imagine being able to enter a dream for healing purposes, 2 heads (minds) are better than one right? I love the concept and I know much work is done today by shamans all over the world in lucid dreaming, dream recall and entry and soul retrieval through dreams.

I know that my dreamwork is moving along fast and getting clearer, more vivid and spot on where I want to go (not without help I might add as I do belong to a lovely group that has been enormously helpful in my developing this ability) but it takes some practice to re-enter a past dream or reach a destination successfully. I am finding it healing, since it is bringing back a lot of past memories (some perhaps not so welcome but it is all part of the healing process) and also, as it gets stronger and clearer, I feel my intuition is getting stronger too in waking life. I honestly think dream sharing not only is possible but some people today already practice this and successfully.

I will continue this new journey for it is bringing me clarity and enlightenment :).

If you want to read up on dreaming and dreaming techniques here are some recommendations:

Dreaming the Soul back home

Active dreaming: Journeying beyond self limitation to a life of wild freedom

Conscious dreaming: A spiritual path for everyday life


Grounding and protecting yourself tips

As an afterthought from my empathy post I wonder how many of us do anything about shielding ourselves and protecting from unwanted energies and influences. I get asked this question often: “How do I stop it?”, “How do I shield myself?”. Well there are plenty of suggestions should you just google it, however my suggestion is to find what works for you!

For example for me it is simple. I went through online meditations, courses etc. and in the end I had to find what worked for me and ft into my situation. We all lead different lives under different circumstances. So, as I said, my technique is simple:

Firstly I visualize a white light slowly coming dow from my crown chakra, and slowly spreading down to my whole body. This light I name as protecting, grounding and helping reflect any negative energies that will try to come in. Then I visualize golden roots, sprouting from my feet and going deep into the earth centre and rooting themselves firmly there. Then I emphasize on the white light still enveloping me and protecting me and then I give thanks. No matter what your beliefs are you can give thank as I do to Archangel Michael and Raphael for assisting or what you feel is most comfortable for you. The most important thing is to feel good about the whole process and stay in the light. It works for me so well I now do it everywhere when I feel I need to ground and protect :).