So what do you do when…

An uninvited guest (spirit in this case) won’t go away or is getting a bit too pesky?

Here are some tips:

– burn a white or pink candle. Cleanse it and bless it with oil (olive oil will do if it’s all you have else you can use Altar oil or Candle oil). Ask while you bless it for it to help cleanse the surroundings from all negative energies.

– leave half a glass of water with some agar-agar powder in each room.

– sprinkle kosher (or pure sea salt) in each room, in every corner (this method is not indicated if you have a haunting or a particular negative entity around since you would simply be locking  it in).

– rose is a favourite Angel scent. So burn it in the form of incense, oils or whatever takes your fancy.

– get a smudge stick (if you haven’t one) and smudge each room thoroughly, for this sage or rosemary work best.


Shadow people

Only in recent years I have come to realize ( thanks to the internet mostly) that “shadow people” are really quite popular and widespread,. To me these “shadow people” were the tricksters that opened my bedroom door at night when I was little and woke me. That kept turning lights on and off and appearing out of the corner of my eye and even sitting on my shelves! Generally they never were scary or worrying experiences (the only one being the one I posted about in this post: “How not to use a Ouija board” ) but when I started researching this I found that, not only they are very commonly seen, but also people have a variety of experiences with them and see them in slightly different ways.

I have seen them explained in a variety of ways: ghosts, spirits, energies, trapped souls, demons, materialized psychic attacks. I personally used to see them much more when I was a child. Although I still see spirit I don’t so much shadow people and it’s only occasional. So far it has only happened a few times at home in the last few years. I have no reason for this except that perhaps our “intuition” evolves the more we use it and, if these shadows are in between worlds (as I believe), then we have moved on.

Also the way people see them is different. Some see a human like shape, some a “blob” like a shadow, some a fog. To me they always were thin like people’s shadows, I can jokingly compare them to fruit flies, always buzzing around you but never really doing anything.

Do you see shadows beside your own?

Grounding and protecting yourself tips

As an afterthought from my empathy post I wonder how many of us do anything about shielding ourselves and protecting from unwanted energies and influences. I get asked this question often: “How do I stop it?”, “How do I shield myself?”. Well there are plenty of suggestions should you just google it, however my suggestion is to find what works for you!

For example for me it is simple. I went through online meditations, courses etc. and in the end I had to find what worked for me and ft into my situation. We all lead different lives under different circumstances. So, as I said, my technique is simple:

Firstly I visualize a white light slowly coming dow from my crown chakra, and slowly spreading down to my whole body. This light I name as protecting, grounding and helping reflect any negative energies that will try to come in. Then I visualize golden roots, sprouting from my feet and going deep into the earth centre and rooting themselves firmly there. Then I emphasize on the white light still enveloping me and protecting me and then I give thanks. No matter what your beliefs are you can give thank as I do to Archangel Michael and Raphael for assisting or what you feel is most comfortable for you. The most important thing is to feel good about the whole process and stay in the light. It works for me so well I now do it everywhere when I feel I need to ground and protect :).

A lovely healing dream

I just wanted to share this because, whatever it was, even if it just was a dream it was a very effective one! I woke up at 3 am last night with really bad tooth/gum ache. Turns out a recurring abscess had decided to flare up at that particular time, bad timing…So am lying there in pain and have no handy painkillers and I am thinking: “Darn I need some rest as I need to get up early for work tomorrow”, so am trying to position my face on the pillow where it least hurts. I must have dozed off at some point. I found myself in a semi dark room with a dark-skinned man sporting a moustache. He smiled, told me to sit down and that he was going to “open my tooth” and sort it out. The he did something I cannot remember, smiled again at me, kissed me lightly on the lips and walked off. At which point I opened my eyes and the pain and swelling were completely gone. Needless to say I was very grateful 🙂 and got some good sleep :).

Empathy. A curse or a blessing?


empathy [ˈɛmpəθɪ]n

1. the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings.

2. the attribution to an object, such as a work of art, of one’s own emotional or intellectual feelings about it[from Greek empatheia affection, passion, intended as a rendering of German Einfühlung, literally: a feeling in;

Having been an empath all my life (even when I was too young to know the word meaning) I can sympathize with some of my fellow empaths when they say they have had enough.  To me it has been a blessing up until a few years ago when I started working again on my spiritual and healing path. The ability of feeling someone feelings or even auras has saved me from more than one sticky and potentially dangerous situation. But once I started opening myself up more I also started feeling more. And sometimes it really does my head in. Literally. I never really liked crowds, now I have to make sure I really shield myself from other people emotions, if I don’t rivers of feelings, emotions, vibrations from the Auric field come barging in. And most of the time they are not pleasant. But why are some people strongly empathic and some don’t literally feel a thing? Are we born empaths? Personally I think so. And I also think that if a person starts opening up their so-called sixth sense it can emphasize empathy.

I sometimes hate it though (well hate is a strong word but sometimes I really do), because I do not really want to get anything from someone and yet it creeps in. And I know the little voice in my gut is right but then my left brain steps in and they both argue. And the little voice always win. The only times in my life I have really hurt myself or done something that worked out really bad for me were the ones when I completely ignored my feelings. Example thinking someone is not telling the truth or not wanting to work for them and then getting robbed there. Sensing danger from someone (with no obvious reason or sign) and then getting assaulted. These are just 2 examples. Now I listen. Always.

One of the most horrible experiences I had in the past was many years ago: I was walking down to the shops to get some food and I turned the corner. This guy in a leather coat, open shirt and wearing a big crucifix necklace walks toward me and overtakes me. Without reason my breath stopped, I choked and felt around me like he casted a net over me, sticky. He looked at me straight in the eye and kept going and I had to stop to be sick. Nothing like it has ever happened since but then now I always make sure I am properly grounded and cleansed. I know it sounds cliché’ but I can only describe what I felt from him as evil. Have no idea who he was and thankfully I have never seen him again. The problem with empathy is that it is almost uncontrollable, even when one is grounded, emotions and feelings can still creep in. As the Earth magnetic fields are shifting and changing constantly and at present getting stronger, it is also possible that our brains and responses will be influenced by them. More and more people are reporting an increase in spiritual and “paranormal” experiences and, for us that are actually working in increasing them, it might be a long road to try to at least controlling the input of emotions assaulting us. Something else I have learned through this. Through the years the majority of people I come into contact with (wanted or not) are giving off very stressed and negative energies. Yes, you would say, life is hard. Well yes it is at times but for a true empath this is the cause of one too many migraines. For now I just live with it and try do my best to not let it affect me too much.

Psychometry 101

Psychometry (better known as the ability of reading information from a variety of objects) has been one of my main gifts since childhood. At first I had no idea of what it was of course, but as I grew up, I started wondering why certain places, beds, chairs even would trigger visions and sometimes nightmares.

It is a gift that has been used (together with remote viewing but that is for another post) by many police forces in trying to find missing persons, bodies, animals and more. In my experience it can be triggered voluntarily or not. Voluntarily if I am doing a reading for example, random if I am away and sleep in a hotel bed. Yes beds are my bane, most of the times if I sleep somewhere else I will get the most vivid dreams and visions, although with hotel beds since they host so many people I never get to find out what they mean or from who they are. The principle of psychometry works on the basis that residual energy is left in all objects we come into contact with. A bit like an energy fingerprint. And some people are very sensitive to these energy and are able to pick up impressions.

I give you one example that happened to me. Years ago I went to visit a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and, as it got late, I decided to stay overnight. She and her boyfriend had an argument a few days before and so he was not there. I woke up in the middle of the night with the most awful dream. I dreamt he (the boyfriend) was really in pain and upset because his arm was being amputated. When I told my friend in the morning and ask her to perhaps check up on him she said how did I know? And I said what? So she proceeded to tell me that a week before he had a bad infection and antibiotics were not working and the doctors said if they did not find a way the arm might have to be amputated.

It is as simple as that. Another time doing a reading for someone I saw this beautiful old lady in a bed in what looked like a huge deserted hospital. The person started crying when I started to describe the room. His mother died a few days earlier and that is where they left her. Being also a strong empath through the years have had to learn to protect myself and shut down at times or would get information overload. But I love psychometry, it has always been with me and is my favourite form of divination. I know some of my friends have also experienced this and some have also had experience of working with the police on cold cases.

In the meantime I am still learning and honing my gift, after all like with all my readings and my healing training my aim, in then end, is to help people and be of service.

Austin, Texas

A very clear message this morning in the early hours. Wendy Ann Roberts, somewhere in Texas (Austin most possibly), had to do with a beautiful embroidered bag (with pink flowers may be roses) and winning something. perhaps what has been won is in the bag?

The name was given to me very clearly in bold capital letters on the bag itself. The bag had a white background, with a black patent top and embroidered flowers (pink) all over it. The place was public, in a street I could not make the name of and related to some bar/restaurant and a family event.