Grounding exercises

A few days ago while I was talking about psychic channeling to a group of people I was asked again what is grounding and what it consists of. Is it easy? Now I know I have posted about this before but, since this is a question I get asked over and over again, I thought instead of just one example I should post a few. I’ll keep it easy so even people who struggle with visualizing can do this.

Grounding signifies cleansing oneself and making sure roots are firmly anchored in this plane. It is very useful to ground during (and after) any psychic work, readings or simply when one feels really drained.

1) If you have a candle light one (safely please) and place it in front of you. Sit down and relax and breathe slowly. Then, as you stare at the flame, imagine the soft light coming towards you slowly. it slowly covers you and the whole of your body. You might feel warm at this point. Now imagine roots sprouting from your feet and reaching deep down into the earth. Imagine them rooting firmly into the center of the earth. Now slowly imagine the light returning to the candle.

2) When seated or lying down relax and take a couple of deep breaths. Now imagine white light starting like a ball on the top of your head and slowly descending to cover all of your body, from head to toe. Repeat the rooting visualization as above.

3) When in the shower (so nice and relaxed) imagine the shower head to be spraying white light instead of water. Imagine it covering all of your body and washing all negativity down the drain. Again repeat the rooting visualization.

These are 3 examples but you really can make up your own if you wish, not everyone uses white light some use pink, blue or green. However, to start, these are 3 simple ways to get you grounded 🙂

Candle light for grounding



I often get asked: “How do you channel?” (guides, spirits, messages); “What is the best way?” and so on…and really my answer is that there is no given way. Everyone is different and each way is totally personal.

I believe it is a personal journey and, while it is beneficial to have someone help and advise, ultimately you need to find your own way. And that should be what the help you get is about, finding the way that works for you. It could be via dreams, intuition, signs, precognition, you name it.

Try different things. Start with a little meditation each day, even if not specific and just 10 minutes of quiet time (most of us these days do not even get that!). Give in to your instinct and gut feelings. Do you feel like painting? Singing? Writing? Sleeping? Then go with it. And note all that you can remember. Of course it is not this simple, but this is a good start. Find time within yourself, the ability to channel is in all of us but, like working in a gym, it needs to be exercised in order to get stronger.

If trying channelling in dreams meditate before sleep and focus on the thought before falling asleep. Recite it quietly like a mantra and then write down your dreams as you remember them. It might take a few days but eventually you will get there.

Always remember to write anything that comes to you no matter how and when. And then go back to it (if it does not make sense straight away). It is your own gift and your own “gym” to work in :).


Grounding and protecting yourself tips

As an afterthought from my empathy post I wonder how many of us do anything about shielding ourselves and protecting from unwanted energies and influences. I get asked this question often: “How do I stop it?”, “How do I shield myself?”. Well there are plenty of suggestions should you just google it, however my suggestion is to find what works for you!

For example for me it is simple. I went through online meditations, courses etc. and in the end I had to find what worked for me and ft into my situation. We all lead different lives under different circumstances. So, as I said, my technique is simple:

Firstly I visualize a white light slowly coming dow from my crown chakra, and slowly spreading down to my whole body. This light I name as protecting, grounding and helping reflect any negative energies that will try to come in. Then I visualize golden roots, sprouting from my feet and going deep into the earth centre and rooting themselves firmly there. Then I emphasize on the white light still enveloping me and protecting me and then I give thanks. No matter what your beliefs are you can give thank as I do to Archangel Michael and Raphael for assisting or what you feel is most comfortable for you. The most important thing is to feel good about the whole process and stay in the light. It works for me so well I now do it everywhere when I feel I need to ground and protect :).