AA Michael vortex

This was created for a friend :). Colours are warm and healing.

Picture was taken just after finishing it.

Blue for healing, white for clearance and purple for spiritual connection.

Now working on the next one :), contact me for questions/enquiries

Archangel Michael healing



The Angel of the Yellow Ray is also connected to the Solar Plexus chakra point. Which is very important for emotional balance, stress and tiredness/apathy.

I have had this colour on mind for a while which is unusual for me since I really dislike yellow. A quick “scan” with the help of Reiki energy found imbalances both in my solar plexus and base chakra (the latter was way overactive).

This is what came of it when I put it on canvas

Yellow Ray

I also thought it formed a nice connection with my Phoenix…what do you think?



The Light Exchange has seen some progress…but not done with it yet :).

But my thoughts are taken by yellow lately…Jophiel the Archangel of the yellow ray, of wisdom and beauty and creativity and overcoming negative thoughts and addictions…so I think once my supplies arrive I’ll start working on yellow again…there must be something to it since, naturally, I really dislike this colour ;).

Stay tuned….

The Light Exchange

The Light Exchange

I had a beautiful dream last week of floating above a green hill and ahead of me a beautiful castle/palace, bright white and shining with light. It felt an immensely peaceful place but, although it had 4 towers and walls, there were no windows. I endeavour to go back to the dream and I have also asked for clarity as to what that place represents for me. Unfortunately this week I simply have been too busy and tired to properly give it a try, however I have started to paint what it “felt” like for me. This is the first outline and by no means finished, I still need to add more layers and details. I have to say this is not what I expected to appear on the canvas :). Will post the finished work once done.

The Light Exchange


I think it is finished but really needs a few more touches :), waiting for today’s paint to dry properly first though 😉

AA Micheal is associated with Royal Blue or Red. This concentrates on Red energy: Base Chakra spilling into Navel Chakra (emotions, sexuality, anger, repressed feelings, inner balance).

AA Michael

After the storm (AA Michael)

This is a work in progress. I spent last weekend alone, relaxing (or trying to!) and the colour blue kept flashing in my mind. Immediately I thought of Michael, I have not worked with him for a while and I have had the feeling of needing extra protection, so here is the calm after the storm, with the potential for more.

Reaching out for Michael and asking for protection is how you get help. It can be in the form of signs, dreams, direct messages or visions.

I love the energy of BLUE  😀

Archangel Michael