Dream sharing

I have been reading a lot about dreams lately, and also working with my dreams, not only by interpreting them but also by trying to access past issues in a more lucid way and healing past lives issues. And I keep coming across dream related materials and stories all the time now. In fictions books I read, blogs, films and more. Inception starring Leonardo di Caprio hinted at technology being able to do just that: dream sharing with others. Imagine a world where you can enter someone else’s dream and make them aware of yours. Imagine being able to enter a dream for healing purposes, 2 heads (minds) are better than one right? I love the concept and I know much work is done today by shamans all over the world in lucid dreaming, dream recall and entry and soul retrieval through dreams.

I know that my dreamwork is moving along fast and getting clearer, more vivid and spot on where I want to go (not without help I might add as I do belong to a lovely group that has been enormously helpful in my developing this ability) but it takes some practice to re-enter a past dream or reach a destination successfully. I am finding it healing, since it is bringing back a lot of past memories (some perhaps not so welcome but it is all part of the healing process) and also, as it gets stronger and clearer, I feel my intuition is getting stronger too in waking life. I honestly think dream sharing not only is possible but some people today already practice this and successfully.

I will continue this new journey for it is bringing me clarity and enlightenment :).

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A ghostly house sitting

Last year around September time I was asked by a friend to house sit while she was away and look after her lovely cat. I jumped at the chance to have some space to myself for 2 weeks (I share a flat and well…hate it lol) in a quiet street and finally (and hopefully) sleep well. I met the neighbours to let them know a stranger was gonna be there and not to worry and they were lovely, I was so excited, I love being on my own and in a quiet space. The bedroom I slept in was at the back of the house and all you could see outside the windows were fields, so quiet!

The first night I got woken up at about 4 am by banging, sounded like someone hammering at the other side of the room. I thought, strange since my friend assured me neighbours would not be noisy and they seemed really nice. The second night same thing. By then I was getting annoyed, since I had also taken the 2 weeks off work to make sure I would rest and catch up with my studies. The third night, same thing only when I opened my eyes I could see around the bedroom door lots of twinkling lights, it looked like someone had draped white fairy lights all over the door! I thought: “Oh for crying out loud I thought I left all this at home”…I prayed for my spirit guides to help protect me (I always ground and protect before bed anyway) and particularly asked for Archangel Micheal help. Then went back to sleep. And dreamt of a blonde girl who came through and wanted me to give a message to someone. I woke up again and asked her to leave, this is now 5 am and I want to sleep!

When I woke in the morning, feeling tired, I found the bedroom door was open (I made sure it was properly shut before bed), I remember mumbling something then heading downstairs to go make some coffee..and there he was. In the hallway, by the front door a man standing there, dressed in cosy home clothes, cardigan and slippers. I almost (I say almost) screamed since I thought I was being burgled, then he disappeared. As I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner he was sitting on the living room sofa. I went and made coffee and then tried to think how I was going to get peace. I could not clear the space properly since most of my things I would use were in my own home but, after breakfast, I burned some incense, light cleansed the house and asked him to simply leave me alone at night. I did ask that, if anything was important, it could be conveyed during the day. He never woke me again, all I could see in the following days was a shadow but never as clear as it was that morning. The 4th night the girl also came back in my dream too to apologize for having woken me and assured me I would not be bothered, and she did keep her word.

When my friend came back from holiday I was of two minds if to tell her or not since I know she is not big on this kind of things. Then decided I would tell her as I trust her and I know she trusts me. Turns out she had been seeing shadows for ages but thought not much of it (being of very logical and analytical mind and a tad skeptic), she thought she might be seeing the cat running around until, one day, she realized the cat was not in the house. She thanked me for being honest and decided she would live with the “ghost” as she was not too bothered. Every now and then things do “go bump in the night” there still but no harm done. I am looking forward however to my next house sitting there :).

I have not been able to find out who the man was but he was tied to the house and he was ill from some respiratory disease which probably caused his passing. A medium friend of mine came over one day and, before I told her, she said to me: “Do you know there is a man here?” It was nice to have confirmation in a way but I feel he will need to eventually move on.