How NOT to use a Ouija board

I have never really “played” with these as always believed that it would have to be done the right way and not jokingly like most people do (or drunkenly) for things to work out well.

Then one day, foolishly, I got drunk with a few friends and decided to try it thinking I was “experienced” enough to cope with it and half believing nothing would happen anyway. So the 3 of us sat down, kept drinking and asked if anyone was there and wanted to talk to us. It took a couple of minutes for the shot glass we were using as a planchette to start moving. First it was random. We tried asking specific questions but got nonsensical answers. So we started chatting and laughing and then we asked again if anyone was having difficulty coming through and what was the message. Then it spelled my name. Then it went faster and faster and the atmosphere in the room changed when we realized what it was spelling. B**TCH, killing WH*RE, child killer. The latter kept coming over and over again. I had no idea why neither had my friends. It just kept going at me. So we said we were closing the connection, burnt a candle and to bed we went.

After a few days we started seeing a “shadow figure” roaming the flat. The first to notice was my friend small boy (who knew nothing about this) that kept saying to his mum: “I keep seeing a shadow following me and one came out of Ant’s room”. Then we all saw it, more and more. It looked like a thin man (shadow) with a tall top hat. We researched a bit and learned more about the “shadow people”, but even then I felt it was different. It took 2 months of rituals, clearing, cleansing and banishing for this thing to finally go away and, since then, I have not tried this again.

It took me a few years (well almost 10) to realize what this low level spirit meant and it made me cry and get angry. How did I realize what it meant? Well it’s quite funny (not really) as I was at a cinema a few months ago watching this film about a woman who was possessed by multiple demons. Her surname was the same as mine and I found it a bit creepy! In a scene, the daughter visits her in the insane asylum she is confined to by the Church, the daughter is distraught seeing the mother like that and then the(y) Demons speak: “child killer, child killer, you should not have murdered your child…”, the daughter cries as she had just lost a baby due to a termination she had to have (by the way the film is called The Devil inside).

You see, the same thing happened to me 25 years ago. In that moment I felt so angry. No one has the right to judge and I forgave whatever this thing was, but it taught me a lesson. Not everything out there is made of light. Can we bring it to the light? Possibly. I know this will never happen to me again simply because I won’t let it and I have moved on spiritually. But I’ll never forget.


Angel child

I was about 12 years old and staying at my auntie Laura for the weekend. I loved those weekends where I would have the chance to play with my 3 cousins and spend 3 days in relative normality and away from home.

On the saturday night I went to bed late and woke up in the middle of the night because it was way too hot in the room, it was summer and 3 of us slept in the same room. So I got a glass of water and went back to bed and just lied down on top of the covers. After a few minutes I thought I heard something and turned around. A shadow was crossing the room, the size of a child perhaps 3/4 feet in height. The hands were in the prayer position and it had lighter shadows on its back almost in the shape of wings. “It” looked at me and smiled then vanished.

The following morning, without saying what I had seen I asked each of my cousins if they got up during the night and they all said no. Anyway since they were all older than me they were too tall for the shadow size. At lunch I told my auntie and she was understanding (bless her she really helped me out through those years) and said that I was sensitive and nothing was meant to harm me and probably it was just a lost soul. Perhaps it was. To this day though, I’d like to think that an Angel visited me that day to let me know that, eventually, everything would be allright.



An officer and a gentleman in Plaistow

This is the second time this gentleman “speaks” to me. I say gentleman because kindness is what I get from him, and patience. Lots. The first time it was pretty sketchy as he just was pointing at me frantically to go to Plaistow (I have never been). I woke up looked it up Plaistow and realized it is a place I really do not know and could not do much about this.

Then again a few nights ago he shows up again, much clearer this time. He is perhaps in his early 50/60’s grey hair a kind and full face. He is an officer of some sort I don’t think a police officer but was always wearing a bright yellow jacket (like cyclists or workers do) with a uniform underneath. The ties are strong for someone from this area he wants to reach out and give a message to. This time he actually wrote on a notebook bright and in clear capital PLAISTOW and the directions to go to.


I have pondered about creating something like this for a while..but time and life events have always intervened and somehow the project has always ended up in the backburner.

I have been a Tarot reader on and off for almost 30 years and now I professionally read for the last 5 and am also a qualified Healer. But one of my pet loves and something that I have always wanted to do is develop further into mediumship. My readings sometimes incorporate it (recently especially Aura readings), I have taken psychic development and psychometry courses in the past and I have seen this gift getting stronger and stronger the more it is used. Messages come to me almost every day, particularly in dreams but not always so. I love using psychometry (the ability of getting information from objects, photos etc) and being able to help and convey messages that would be otherwise lost.

The aim of this blog is really simple. I have lots of material (messages) that have nothing to do with me and keep coming. My aim is to collect these messages here and perhaps they will make sense to someone else. I invite you all to contribute if you are a medium and wish to share something that makes no sense to you or you think is directed to someone else. The internet makes a wonderful tool for this, I believe the messages, stories, pictures (the latter are gonna be difficult for me as I cannot draw lol!) come through for a reason and really this is for me is a personal journey of sharing the messages I receive with anyone that would like to hear them.

So please feel free to visit, share, comment and ask questions. The journey is just beginning.

Blessings xx