My ex husband came back to me…

This encounter, although not of the Angelic kind, was kindly shared by Nancy :):

“In April my ex husband who died 20 years ago appeared to me. I was sound asleep when suddenly I woke up and he was sitting on my bed. I hadn’t seen him in 40 years but he looked the same except his hair was longer, to his shoulders and his face was fuller. He had  medium grey or black with grey streaks running through it, and a T-shirt on. He was adamantly trying to tell me something. After what seemed like forever he reached over and gently rubbed the left side of my face with his right hand and disappeared. I still don’t know what he wanted me to know”…



A paranormal investigation

Hear hear! After years of watching them on TV I finally got to participate in one. Now since it was a Sunday evening and due to licensing reasons the evening had to end at around 10.30, however we got a good few hours in this very beautiful pub called The Mitre in Lancaster gate, London. The story goes the building is haunted, the most famous ghost is that of “Old Mary” a scullery servant girl who had the misfortune to have an affair with the Lord owner. When the wife found out she knifed her to death (yes in the scullery itself).

There are rumours that the ghost of a coachman also haunts the venue. But back to the investigation. From the start we got lots of small activity. Orbs were roaming about in abundance. I could sit in the scullery watching the tv monitor flicking from room to room and see orbs going by at lightning speed! Also most of the pictures I took look like we were sitting in a smoking room. While some of it might be the mild effect of the low lights, some were so hazy that in one I took of my friend (and co-organizer Jon) his lower body could hardly be seen.

The first picture someone took of me had what looked like a white mist above my head, by the shelf corner. As we were split in 2 groups we regrouped at the end to swap experiences and it was amazing to find that both groups had similar experiences. Even when both tried to contact spirits it appeared they both got the same letters and codes and numbers, as I said we were separated in different rooms so hardly any contact (also if you wonder why I am relating this like an observer is because I was one, if you go back to my previous post about Ouija boards you will know I do not play with them).

I am really looking forward to all the evidence being reviewed and posted, all I have is what I took which, considering the circumstances, was pretty good!

Oh! And regarding the smokey pictures…I was advised afterwards that Lord Craven owned a huge tobacco and cigars firm, it is apparently still operating somewhere in Asia.

This is the location of the investigation : The Mitre

The organizing group you can find them here London Haunts & Horrors

If anything else comes up from the recordings taken I will post again.

And here are a couple of pictures 🙂

The Scullery


White mist

White mist


A ghostly house sitting part 2

Well this time I was there only for a week (for part 1 click HERE ) but on arriving things were quiet. The cat did her usual thing of chasing shadows but hey, she’s a cat and only she can see so I was not too worried about it, although the hallway (where the previous apparition occurred) seemed to be her particular focus of shadow chasing. The first night went ok beside some banging which again woke me up in the early hours of the morning. So, on the second day, I decided to smudge. I did not wish to be awake most of the night when, this time, I actually needed to get up to go to work the next day. And smudge I did. Thoroughly. That night I slept through.

In fact after that pretty much the whole week went quietly, I took loads of pictures this time with no significant result and the only incident of note was the one I reported in this POST which had to do with waking up in the middle of the night with a floating white orb in front of my face.

I guess the smudging worked then 🙂 (I do really dislike the smell of sage but hey it’s for good cause). The only other “incident” worthy of note was on the following saturday whilst doing some Tarot readings online I suddenly saw a woman standing beside me in the little office and I jumped! However this was related to that particular reading I think and not to the house.

I still think for some reason this is a very active location (at least for me) and am very curious to perhaps give it another try in the future to see if any of the energies have changed or perhaps even lessened.

On coming back to my house a week later though it was a totally different story….

Orbs and colour meanings

I have been having very active dreams (and a little more, post to follow) since landing again in my friend ghostie house that I posted about HERE . However last night after making it through most of the night quietly I got woken up before dawn again by voices. And a woman (very unusually speaking in Italian since my dreams have been in english for years) shouting:  “Basta!” which means stop or enough.

The woman had long brown hair and looked fairly young…but that is not what the post is about. As I opened my eyes (thinking *sigh not again*) right before my face hovered a white orb, inches away literally and it was about the size of my open hand. I did not move  for a few seconds and neither did it. Then I thought: “ok I need to go back to sleep, it’s like 4 am”, so I looked at it and asked for it to leave as I needed to go back to sleep (how mundane) and for the protection I put on me before going to bed to hold. And it disappeared. Just like that.

This is the same room where last year I experienced the white flickering lights and I think this is no coincidence. Now I am aware of the orb phenomena (and also that 99% are perfectly explainable and normal) but if this was a speck of dust it was a heck of a big one and it lighted itself too. However I do not know much about them so I set researching a bit since a friend also mentioned not knowing of many white orbs and, while nothing of course is proven, this is what I came up with in regard to orbs and their colour meaning:

White is an Angelic Being. High frequency, protection and shielding.

Red means stress or restlessness.

Clear Red means high energy.

Deep Red could mean the person/spirit passed in a violent manner, anger.

Peach means the ability to comfort.

Orange means healing energy.

Gold means free-flowing energy and tolerance.

Yellow means caution.

Yellow green mean psychic growth.

Green means healing, fertility.

Turquoise means amusement, neutrality.

Light Blue means tranquility.

Pilot Light Blue means shielding.

Dark Blue means shielding, shyness, survivor instinct.

Lavender means at peace with God.

Purple means stored information.

Violet means seeking spiritual.

Silver means telekinetic power.

Brown means a connection to the earth.
I have 3 more nights left here, perhaps 4, who know what they will bring, shall keep you posted :).

A ghostly house sitting

Last year around September time I was asked by a friend to house sit while she was away and look after her lovely cat. I jumped at the chance to have some space to myself for 2 weeks (I share a flat and well…hate it lol) in a quiet street and finally (and hopefully) sleep well. I met the neighbours to let them know a stranger was gonna be there and not to worry and they were lovely, I was so excited, I love being on my own and in a quiet space. The bedroom I slept in was at the back of the house and all you could see outside the windows were fields, so quiet!

The first night I got woken up at about 4 am by banging, sounded like someone hammering at the other side of the room. I thought, strange since my friend assured me neighbours would not be noisy and they seemed really nice. The second night same thing. By then I was getting annoyed, since I had also taken the 2 weeks off work to make sure I would rest and catch up with my studies. The third night, same thing only when I opened my eyes I could see around the bedroom door lots of twinkling lights, it looked like someone had draped white fairy lights all over the door! I thought: “Oh for crying out loud I thought I left all this at home”…I prayed for my spirit guides to help protect me (I always ground and protect before bed anyway) and particularly asked for Archangel Micheal help. Then went back to sleep. And dreamt of a blonde girl who came through and wanted me to give a message to someone. I woke up again and asked her to leave, this is now 5 am and I want to sleep!

When I woke in the morning, feeling tired, I found the bedroom door was open (I made sure it was properly shut before bed), I remember mumbling something then heading downstairs to go make some coffee..and there he was. In the hallway, by the front door a man standing there, dressed in cosy home clothes, cardigan and slippers. I almost (I say almost) screamed since I thought I was being burgled, then he disappeared. As I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner he was sitting on the living room sofa. I went and made coffee and then tried to think how I was going to get peace. I could not clear the space properly since most of my things I would use were in my own home but, after breakfast, I burned some incense, light cleansed the house and asked him to simply leave me alone at night. I did ask that, if anything was important, it could be conveyed during the day. He never woke me again, all I could see in the following days was a shadow but never as clear as it was that morning. The 4th night the girl also came back in my dream too to apologize for having woken me and assured me I would not be bothered, and she did keep her word.

When my friend came back from holiday I was of two minds if to tell her or not since I know she is not big on this kind of things. Then decided I would tell her as I trust her and I know she trusts me. Turns out she had been seeing shadows for ages but thought not much of it (being of very logical and analytical mind and a tad skeptic), she thought she might be seeing the cat running around until, one day, she realized the cat was not in the house. She thanked me for being honest and decided she would live with the “ghost” as she was not too bothered. Every now and then things do “go bump in the night” there still but no harm done. I am looking forward however to my next house sitting there :).

I have not been able to find out who the man was but he was tied to the house and he was ill from some respiratory disease which probably caused his passing. A medium friend of mine came over one day and, before I told her, she said to me: “Do you know there is a man here?” It was nice to have confirmation in a way but I feel he will need to eventually move on.

So what do you do when…

An uninvited guest (spirit in this case) won’t go away or is getting a bit too pesky?

Here are some tips:

– burn a white or pink candle. Cleanse it and bless it with oil (olive oil will do if it’s all you have else you can use Altar oil or Candle oil). Ask while you bless it for it to help cleanse the surroundings from all negative energies.

– leave half a glass of water with some agar-agar powder in each room.

– sprinkle kosher (or pure sea salt) in each room, in every corner (this method is not indicated if you have a haunting or a particular negative entity around since you would simply be locking  it in).

– rose is a favourite Angel scent. So burn it in the form of incense, oils or whatever takes your fancy.

– get a smudge stick (if you haven’t one) and smudge each room thoroughly, for this sage or rosemary work best.

Shadow people

Only in recent years I have come to realize ( thanks to the internet mostly) that “shadow people” are really quite popular and widespread,. To me these “shadow people” were the tricksters that opened my bedroom door at night when I was little and woke me. That kept turning lights on and off and appearing out of the corner of my eye and even sitting on my shelves! Generally they never were scary or worrying experiences (the only one being the one I posted about in this post: “How not to use a Ouija board” ) but when I started researching this I found that, not only they are very commonly seen, but also people have a variety of experiences with them and see them in slightly different ways.

I have seen them explained in a variety of ways: ghosts, spirits, energies, trapped souls, demons, materialized psychic attacks. I personally used to see them much more when I was a child. Although I still see spirit I don’t so much shadow people and it’s only occasional. So far it has only happened a few times at home in the last few years. I have no reason for this except that perhaps our “intuition” evolves the more we use it and, if these shadows are in between worlds (as I believe), then we have moved on.

Also the way people see them is different. Some see a human like shape, some a “blob” like a shadow, some a fog. To me they always were thin like people’s shadows, I can jokingly compare them to fruit flies, always buzzing around you but never really doing anything.

Do you see shadows beside your own?