My first (and only) O.B.E. (Out of Body Experience)

Many years ago (18 or so) I was entering a darker and challenging period in my life. It wasn’t unhappy per se but some events and choices I made triggered more events and even more consequences that eventually led to some not very pleasant experiences. I wasn’t doing Tarot then (although I had been a few years previously) and consciously stepped out of anything “psychic” due to a previous series of events that had upset me.

One night I got back late from work I was very tired and had a few drinks so decided I would just go to sleep. At some point before dawn I woke up, what woke me up were voices and screaming. As I looked around what would have been my bedroom I saw I was standing somewhere fairly dark, the terrain brown and muddy and curved…like on a very steep slope. It was very cold and, ahead of me pitch black darkness. Behind me, light but very far away. And as I became aware of being in a “different place”, of the cold and the vacuum surrounding me I also suddenly became aware of a very palpable sense of fear, anguish, dread and pain. I switched my awareness to the voices and I “saw” all around me people. Well they looked like people and there was no mistaking that they were absolutely terrified and in pain. I got scared and started panicking and then I realized I wanted to go back to my room…as I thought that I literally *whooshed* (that is how it felt like) back to the room (through the light that was behind me) but then I was on the room ceiling, looking down at my body and desperately wanting to get to it but not quite succeeding. I kept looking at the familiar things in there my clothes, wardrobes etc thinking what the heck, am I dead? Then once more I thought I needed to go back down and back into my body I was. It felt like I landed from a great height, almost like a thud. I did not manage to go back to sleep that night.

To this day I don’t know if that place was what we called “limbo” or what but it certainly was not a place of happiness. Also I have thought to myself after reading more on the subject that my experience resembled more an NDE than a OBE, however I did not have any health related issues at the time and think I would have noticed if I had suffered a heart attack or something similar during sleep. I also wonder if I still have a connection because now that I actively do work with spirit I still occasionally get very unhappy/terrified souls coming through. This has never happened again to me since. From time to time I think of this place and why I was led there, perhaps it was a roundabout message for the healing work that I was meant to start years later. Or perhaps it was just a reflection of the darkness I was going through at the time.