A paranormal investigation

Hear hear! After years of watching them on TV I finally got to participate in one. Now since it was a Sunday evening and due to licensing reasons the evening had to end at around 10.30, however we got a good few hours in this very beautiful pub called The Mitre in Lancaster gate, London. The story goes the building is haunted, the most famous ghost is that of “Old Mary” a scullery servant girl who had the misfortune to have an affair with the Lord owner. When the wife found out she knifed her to death (yes in the scullery itself).

There are rumours that the ghost of a coachman also haunts the venue. But back to the investigation. From the start we got lots of small activity. Orbs were roaming about in abundance. I could sit in the scullery watching the tv monitor flicking from room to room and see orbs going by at lightning speed! Also most of the pictures I took look like we were sitting in a smoking room. While some of it might be the mild effect of the low lights, some were so hazy that in one I took of my friend (and co-organizer Jon) his lower body could hardly be seen.

The first picture someone took of me had what looked like a white mist above my head, by the shelf corner. As we were split in 2 groups we regrouped at the end to swap experiences and it was amazing to find that both groups had similar experiences. Even when both tried to contact spirits it appeared they both got the same letters and codes and numbers, as I said we were separated in different rooms so hardly any contact (also if you wonder why I am relating this like an observer is because I was one, if you go back to my previous post about Ouija boards you will know I do not play with them).

I am really looking forward to all the evidence being reviewed and posted, all I have is what I took which, considering the circumstances, was pretty good!

Oh! And regarding the smokey pictures…I was advised afterwards that Lord Craven owned a huge tobacco and cigars firm, it is apparently still operating somewhere in Asia.

This is the location of the investigation : The Mitre

The organizing group you can find them here London Haunts & Horrors

If anything else comes up from the recordings taken I will post again.

And here are a couple of pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

The Scullery


White mist

White mist


Automatic writing

Channeled writing is quite a popular mean of expression amongst mediums and psychic workers.ย  It is possibly the simplest way to channel, even for those that have difficulty with other means. But, although I think (in my opinion) that it is probably the easiest method it encounters the same difficulties as all others. Because in order for it to work you really need to let go of your thinking brain, your left side brain.

Writers will know the feeling I describe.ย  Or musicians or any artist that all of a sudden has an “inspiration” and starts “free-flowing”. Automatic writing works in exactly the same way regardless of where the information comes from (subconscious, spirit guides, lost souls, higher beings etc).

I usually have drifting thoughts and I recognize them as different so then I relax, grab pen and paper and start to write (or paint but usually I get colour images then).ย  If you are not an artist nor used to work with your intuitive right brain you can still try. Exercise it by drawing (does not matter if you are good!), practising writing with your left hand (or right if left-handed), singing, meditating and anything that does not involve logic thought or focusing on a task. Free flow, let it come through no matter how silly it might seem or how it does not make sense. In fact the first few times it probably won’t and even after you become more accustomed to it is still not an exact science. Do not expect to write sentences in perfect grammar, that is not the point. The calligraphy might be (often is) totally different from yours and words my be foreign. Automatic writing is not about you sitting at the word processor and writing a piece (that would be creative writing), it is about channeling information and words from sources beyond this plane therefore it is expected that they won’t sound like you have just dictated them!

Find what you feel comfortable with (meditation, music as an example) and try it out, dedicate a journal to it and try as often as you can. Like with dreams make a point of trying to interpret the writings and the symbols that might be contained within.

An example of channeled writing (by me) can be found in my post Channeled messages


Dying to be me (Anita Moorjani)

I just wanted to share this here because it was such a lovely experience.ย  Anita Moorjani is the author of Dying to be me a book recounting her experience of surviving Death and terminal cancer and her NDE (Near Death Experience) which resulted in a truly life changing experience for her.

Last monday she was talking at St. James’s Church in London and I had my ticket already since July. However I did not expect the place to be packed, I mean the queue went around the building twice. It was my first time in this particular Church venue and the building was stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere quite peaceful and full of expectancy. I won’t go into too much detail here, feel free to follow the link above and buy her book which is wonderful. What I wanted to share here was how this woman conveyed such a peaceful feeling to the audience and was brutally honest even when recalling very personal matters. Her way of narrating her experience of going through the stages of: finding out she had cancer, being told she had not long to live, the pain of the treatments and finally her slipping into a coma and “crossing over” was straight to the point and honest. At no point she slipped into wishy-washy stuff or made herself to be better than anyone else.

She talked about Fear, Loving oneself and how we are so often stopped in this life by fear of this or that or the other. How repressing emotions can work against us, how loving oneself first and foremost is so important. And how it all really does not matter because, in the end, we all are as one.

I really wish the talk would have lasted longer and I think I will reread her book too, I would highly recommend it for you too ๐Ÿ™‚

A ghostly house sitting part 2

Well this time I was there only for a week (for part 1 click HERE ) but on arriving things were quiet. The cat did her usual thing of chasing shadows but hey, she’s a cat and only she can see so I was not too worried about it, although the hallway (where the previous apparition occurred) seemed to be her particular focus of shadow chasing.ย The first night went ok beside some banging which again woke me up in the early hours of the morning. So, on the second day, I decided to smudge. I did not wish to be awake most of the night when, this time, I actually needed to get up to go to work the next day. And smudge I did. Thoroughly. That night I slept through.

In fact after that pretty much the whole week went quietly, I took loads of pictures this time with no significant result and the only incident of note was the one I reported in this POST which had to do with waking up in the middle of the night with a floating white orb in front of my face.

I guess the smudging worked then ๐Ÿ™‚ (I do really dislike the smell of sage but hey it’s for good cause). The only other “incident” worthy of note was on the following saturday whilst doing some Tarot readings online I suddenly saw a woman standing beside me in the little office and I jumped! However this was related to that particular reading I think and not to the house.

I still think for some reason this is a very active location (at least for me) and am very curious to perhaps give it another try in the future to see if any of the energies have changed or perhaps even lessened.

On coming back to my house a week later though it was a totally different story….

A ghostly house sitting

Last year around September time I was asked by a friend to house sit while she was away and look after her lovely cat. I jumped at the chance to have some space to myself for 2 weeks (I share a flat and well…hate it lol) in a quiet street and finally (and hopefully) sleep well. I met the neighbours to let them know a stranger was gonna be there and not to worry and they were lovely, I was so excited, I love being on my own and in a quiet space. The bedroom I slept in was at the back of the house and all you could see outside the windows were fields, so quiet!

The first night I got woken up at about 4 am by banging, sounded like someone hammering at the other side of the room. I thought, strange since my friend assured me neighbours would not be noisy and they seemed really nice. The second night same thing. By then I was getting annoyed, since I had also taken the 2 weeks off work to make sure I would rest and catch up with my studies. The third night, same thing only when I opened my eyes I could see around the bedroom door lots of twinkling lights, it looked like someone had draped white fairy lights all over the door! I thought: “Oh for crying out loud I thought I left all this at home”…I prayed for my spirit guides to help protect me (I always ground and protect before bed anyway) and particularly asked for Archangel Micheal help. Then went back to sleep. And dreamt of a blonde girl who came through and wanted me to give a message to someone. I woke up again and asked her to leave, this is now 5 am and I want to sleep!

When I woke in the morning, feeling tired, I found the bedroom door was open (I made sure it was properly shut before bed), I remember mumbling something then heading downstairs to go make some coffee..and there he was. In the hallway, by the front door a man standing there, dressed in cosy home clothes, cardigan and slippers. I almost (I say almost) screamed since I thought I was being burgled, then he disappeared. As I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner he was sitting on the living room sofa. I went and made coffee and then tried to think how I was going to get peace. I could not clear the space properly since most of my things I would use were in my own home but, after breakfast, I burned some incense, light cleansed the house and asked him to simply leave me alone at night. I did ask that, if anything was important, it could be conveyed during the day. He never woke me again, all I could see in the following days was a shadow but never as clear as it was that morning. The 4th night the girl also came back in my dream too to apologize for having woken me and assured me I would not be bothered, and she did keep her word.

When my friend came back from holiday I was of two minds if to tell her or not since I know she is not big on this kind of things. Then decided I would tell her as I trust her and I know she trusts me. Turns out she had been seeing shadows for ages but thought not much of it (being of very logical and analytical mind and a tad skeptic), she thought she might be seeing the cat running around until, one day, she realized the cat was not in the house. She thanked me for being honest and decided she would live with the “ghost” as she was not too bothered. Every now and then things do “go bump in the night” there still but no harm done. I am looking forward however to my next house sitting there :).

I have not been able to find out who the man was but he was tied to the house and he was ill from some respiratory disease which probably caused his passing. A medium friend of mine came over one day and, before I told her, she said to me: “Do you know there is a man here?” It was nice to have confirmation in a way but I feel he will need to eventually move on.

Shadow people

Only in recent years I have come to realize ( thanks to the internet mostly) that “shadow people” are really quite popular and widespread,. To me these “shadow people” were the tricksters that opened my bedroom door at night when I was little and woke me. That kept turning lights on and off and appearing out of the corner of my eye and even sitting on my shelves! Generally they never were scary or worrying experiences (the only one being the one I posted about in this post: “How not to use a Ouija board” ) but when I started researching this I found that, not only they are very commonly seen, but also people have a variety of experiences with them and see them in slightly different ways.

I have seen them explained in a variety of ways: ghosts, spirits, energies, trapped souls, demons, materialized psychic attacks. I personally used to see them much more when I was a child. Although I still see spirit I don’t so much shadow people and it’s only occasional. So far it has only happened a few times at home in the last few years. I have no reason for this except that perhaps our “intuition” evolves the more we use it and, if these shadows are in between worlds (as I believe), then we have moved on.

Also the way people see them is different. Some see a human like shape, some a “blob” like a shadow, some a fog. To me they always were thin like people’s shadows, I can jokingly compare them to fruit flies, always buzzing around you but never really doing anything.

Do you see shadows beside your own?

Grounding and protecting yourself tips

As an afterthought from my empathy post I wonder how many of us do anything about shielding ourselves and protecting from unwanted energies and influences. I get asked this question often: “How do I stop it?”, “How do I shield myself?”. Well there are plenty of suggestions should you just google it, however my suggestion is to find what works for you!

For example for me it is simple. I went through online meditations, courses etc. and in the end I had to find what worked for me and ft into my situation. We all lead different lives under different circumstances. So, as I said, my technique is simple:

Firstly I visualize a white light slowly coming dow from my crown chakra, and slowly spreading down to my whole body. This light I name as protecting, grounding and helping reflect any negative energies that will try to come in. Then I visualize golden roots, sprouting from my feet and going deep into the earth centre and rooting themselves firmly there. Then I emphasize on the white light still enveloping me and protecting me and then I give thanks. No matter what your beliefs are you can give thank as I do to Archangel Michael and Raphael for assisting or what you feel is most comfortable for you. The most important thing is to feel good about the whole process and stay in the light. It works for me so well I now do it everywhere when I feel I need to ground and protect :).

How NOT to use a Ouija board

I have never really “played” with these as always believed that it would have to be done the right way and not jokingly like most people do (or drunkenly) for things to work out well.

Then one day, foolishly, I got drunk with a few friends and decided to try it thinking I was “experienced” enough to cope with it and half believing nothing would happen anyway. So the 3 of us sat down, kept drinking and asked if anyone was there and wanted to talk to us. It took a couple of minutes for the shot glass we were using as a planchette to start moving. First it was random. We tried asking specific questions but got nonsensical answers. So we started chatting and laughing and then we asked again if anyone was having difficulty coming through and what was the message. Then it spelled my name. Then it went faster and faster and the atmosphere in the room changed when we realized what it was spelling. B**TCH, killing WH*RE, child killer. The latter kept coming over and over again. I had no idea why neither had my friends. It just kept going at me. So we said we were closing the connection, burnt a candle and to bed we went.

After a few days we started seeing a “shadow figure” roaming the flat. The first to notice was my friend small boy (who knew nothing about this) that kept saying to his mum: “I keep seeing a shadow following me and one came out of Ant’s room”. Then we all saw it, more and more. It looked like a thin man (shadow) with a tall top hat. We researched a bit and learned more about the “shadow people”, but even then I felt it was different. It took 2 months of rituals, clearing, cleansing and banishing for this thing to finally go away and, since then, I have not tried this again.

It took me a few years (well almost 10) to realize what this low level spirit meant and it made me cry and get angry. How did I realize what it meant? Well it’s quite funny (not really) as I was at a cinema a few months ago watching this film about a woman who was possessed by multiple demons. Her surname was the same as mine and I found it a bit creepy! In a scene, the daughter visits her in the insane asylum she is confined to by the Church, the daughter is distraught seeing the mother like that and then the(y) Demons speak: “child killer, child killer, you should not have murdered your child…”, the daughter cries as she had just lost a baby due to a termination she had to have (by the way the film is called The Devil inside).

You see, the same thing happened to me 25 years ago. In that moment I felt so angry. No one has the right to judge and I forgave whatever this thing was, but it taught me a lesson. Not everything out there is made of light. Can we bring it to the light? Possibly. I know this will never happen to me again simply because I won’t let it and I have moved on spiritually. But I’ll never forget.

An officer and a gentleman in Plaistow

This is the second time this gentleman “speaks” to me. I say gentleman because kindness is what I get from him, and patience. Lots. The first time it was pretty sketchy as he just was pointing at me frantically to go to Plaistow (I have never been). I woke up looked it up Plaistow and realized it is a place I really do not know and could not do much about this.

Then again a few nights ago he shows up again, much clearer this time. He is perhaps in his early 50/60’s grey hair a kind and full face. He is an officer of some sort I don’t think a police officer but was always wearing a bright yellow jacket (like cyclists or workers do) with a uniform underneath. The ties are strong for someone from this area he wants to reach out and give a message to. This time he actually wrote on a notebook bright and in clear capital PLAISTOW and the directions to go to.