Shadow people

Only in recent years I have come to realize ( thanks to the internet mostly) that “shadow people” are really quite popular and widespread,. To me these “shadow people” were the tricksters that opened my bedroom door at night when I was little and woke me. That kept turning lights on and off and appearing out of the corner of my eye and even sitting on my shelves! Generally they never were scary or worrying experiences (the only one being the one I posted about in this post: “How not to use a Ouija board” ) but when I started researching this I found that, not only they are very commonly seen, but also people have a variety of experiences with them and see them in slightly different ways.

I have seen them explained in a variety of ways: ghosts, spirits, energies, trapped souls, demons, materialized psychic attacks. I personally used to see them much more when I was a child. Although I still see spirit I don’t so much shadow people and it’s only occasional. So far it has only happened a few times at home in the last few years. I have no reason for this except that perhaps our “intuition” evolves the more we use it and, if these shadows are in between worlds (as I believe), then we have moved on.

Also the way people see them is different. Some see a human like shape, some a “blob” like a shadow, some a fog. To me they always were thin like people’s shadows, I can jokingly compare them to fruit flies, always buzzing around you but never really doing anything.

Do you see shadows beside your own?


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