So what do you do when…

An uninvited guest (spirit in this case) won’t go away or is getting a bit too pesky?

Here are some tips:

– burn a white or pink candle. Cleanse it and bless it with oil (olive oil will do if it’s all you have else you can use Altar oil or Candle oil). Ask while you bless it for it to help cleanse the surroundings from all negative energies.

– leave half a glass of water with some agar-agar powder in each room.

– sprinkle kosher (or pure sea salt) in each room, in every corner (this method is not indicated if you have a haunting or a particular negative entity around since you would simply be locking  it in).

– rose is a favourite Angel scent. So burn it in the form of incense, oils or whatever takes your fancy.

– get a smudge stick (if you haven’t one) and smudge each room thoroughly, for this sage or rosemary work best.


One thought on “So what do you do when…

  1. Great tips! Thanks, Anton 🙂

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