Is today’s spirituality genuine?

I took a break from blogging for 2 reasons:

a) I have been busy;

b) I feel better blogging when I have something to say (or to get off my chest) rather than just making up daily blogs for the sake of google ratings.

However I come back a little disillusioned. In the last few years of my spiritual journey I discovered that there were things I used to want to do that I did not want to do anymore, and other new ones entered my life that, even now, are propelling me on a quite different path.

But the more I read, learn and meet people the more it seems that the whole thing of Love, Light, and working this way is really just a facade for ego boosting and money-making.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of genuine and loving people out there and we all need to make a buck to pay our bills.

But what I am seeing more and more that makes me so uncomfortable are people playing God. With internet access being so huge so many claim to be this or that, or being able to give you this or that. I have (many times over) witnessed so-called “qualified” coaches and therapist telling someone suffering from depression that it was solely their fault for being negative. Or people charging great amount of money to “rid” someone of negativity. People claiming to cure terminal illnesses. While some of this has probably always been around, the internet now is making it oh so easy for people who are desperate or in unbearable pain to reach out to these people. And there is also the issue that of course these affects the reputation of genuine therapists, coaches etc.

I don’t know if there is a solution for this. But it saddens me to see it. As an empath I feel sometimes the person pain while they reach out. And therein lies the power. I’ll stop ranting now, but I hope that someday we will all reach the higher consciousness needed to realise that in order to help others we first need to help and heal ourselves.

Namaste 🙂



Readers and Healers event

Am having to upload this here so I can share it on FB, silly social network won’t accept pdf’s. Anyhow, if anyone in the London area is interested, it is for a good cause, I will be there providing Reiki and complementary therapies. 🙂


Readers flyer v5 (2) (1)-1 Copy

Healing with Archangel Michael

A few days ago I participated in a shamanic group clearing to bid farewell to 2013 and welcome 2014, this year for me has been one of the worst, one thing after another…so I decided clearing would be a good idea and I love shamanic drumming anyway.

 AA Michael appeared while during a healing in a shamanic journey I was performing for the person I was partnered with (we both worked alone and in pairs), the focus was to ask what this person needed healing with or rid of. When it was my turn to journey for him I just kept seeing this Royal Blue light and was told I had to “shroud” this person in it and help heal. Then, after a while, this bright red orb appeared over his solar plexus chakra and stayed there. Then a voice suggested I tell him to keep healing he had to remember “Blue” and “Healing Words”. After I told him, he said he had issues with communication and had been meaning to “write” a book about his healing experiences for a while and was told so a few times but never summoned up the courage. He also said this will help a lot in deciding how to move forward 🙂 . I mentioned AA Michael presence and he was comforted, I also told him to keep protected and grounded, for I felt that was also part of the message.

Very grateful 😀


The Light Exchange has seen some progress…but not done with it yet :).

But my thoughts are taken by yellow lately…Jophiel the Archangel of the yellow ray, of wisdom and beauty and creativity and overcoming negative thoughts and addictions…so I think once my supplies arrive I’ll start working on yellow again…there must be something to it since, naturally, I really dislike this colour ;).

Stay tuned….

The Light Exchange

Dream travels

Since the last Full Moon I have had scattering of intense dreams that were more difficult to remember than usual.I wake up in the middle of the night with the last scene and then it goes “whoosh” and disappears. Takes quite a lot of concentration for me to re-enter the dream for more details!

But I digress. The main subject of this post is “dream travelling”, a form of Astral travelling that manifests you in someone else dream. How do you know that you are not “just dreaming” about that person? Well, generally the dream will be more vivid, in full colour and often will involve interaction. It will “feel” more real and often will have elements of precognition or past events. It can also involve a sensation of being weightless and/or flying.

So the last couple days I kept getting messages from people (some I know in real life some I do not) that they dreamed about me in various circumstances and most involved either flying or stressful situations. I picked one I received today that I feel is significant and I literally have copied and pasted the text (keeping the person name out):


“I dreamed that there was a zombie apocalypse. Anyways, it had just begun and I was trying to find someway to get my son away from it all. I was in a big parking lot looking for a car that we could use and I saw this van with people. You were with them. I asked if we could get a ride and the van was full but the driver agreed. My son and I were sitting in the passenger’s seat and you were sitting on the console in between the driver and passenger seat, due to lack of room. I asked the driver about what had happened, what had happened specifically to him and how he was handling it. He looked so tired and sad and he said, “I’m not handling it very well.” We were driving on the highway at fast speeds and he took off his seat belt, opened the car door and jumped. Luckily you saw it happening and like a jungle cat slid into the driver’s seat, grabbed the wheel and saved us from a crash. So thanks!  But last night I felt some very low vibration entities. That dream kinda resolved things.”

The last sentence although it does not belong to the dream to me says lots: “The dream kinda resolved things”. During dream time our astral bodies journey beyond our limiting plane. To me this was a “clearance” dream, while the person never asked for me to be there, there was something to be resolved and me in the driver seat was the answer. I am sitting on the console because I am an “extra” looking in. Since the person felt this resolved things I do not think the impending crash is precognitive. I think this was very possibly an emotional “healing” symbolized by the person jumping out of the car (getting rid of something) and by me helping find balance and the right road again.

What do you think?

A lovely healing dream

I just wanted to share this because, whatever it was, even if it just was a dream it was a very effective one! I woke up at 3 am last night with really bad tooth/gum ache. Turns out a recurring abscess had decided to flare up at that particular time, bad timing…So am lying there in pain and have no handy painkillers and I am thinking: “Darn I need some rest as I need to get up early for work tomorrow”, so am trying to position my face on the pillow where it least hurts. I must have dozed off at some point. I found myself in a semi dark room with a dark-skinned man sporting a moustache. He smiled, told me to sit down and that he was going to “open my tooth” and sort it out. The he did something I cannot remember, smiled again at me, kissed me lightly on the lips and walked off. At which point I opened my eyes and the pain and swelling were completely gone. Needless to say I was very grateful 🙂 and got some good sleep :).