Simple Past Life recall technique

I know I have blogged before about recalling past lives through dreams and here is another simple exercise for you to try access past lives memories without having to go through a hypnotic state.

Someone in fact asked me recently if it was necessary to be hypnotized in order to regress, I believe it might help but it is not necessary. Being in a state of relaxation and not being disturbed I think it is more important.

So here goes, a few simple steps before you go to sleep and while you lie down comfortably in your bed:

  • relax first and foremost;
  • take a couple of deep breaths;
  • imagine yourself slowly surrounded by a mist of white light covering the  whole of your body, to protect you;
  • when you feel comfortable visualize a set of white stairs, when ready start climbing up the stairs slowly. When at the top you will see 2 doors. A green door and a red door. The green door is for you to go ahead and the red is to stay put if you feel not ready.
  • keep this image in mind and relax.
  • then ask (in your mind) what do I need to know? what is of benefit for me right now?

Then go to sleep as usual. Make sure you journal this and have pen and paper handy ready to record any dreams. It may take a few days of repeating this but eventually some dreams will come forth that relate to your question. Record them and, as you proceed, change the question you ask as you see fit. The most important thing is that you write down all details you remember, if it does not make sense it is fine it might after a while.



Spider comes back

I have been ill for the last week or so and only since yesterday I have really started to feel human again. My sleep has improved greatly (thanks magnesium) and I feel much more energized. And for the past couple of nights I have started remembering my dreams again.

Last night was a bit baffling but my friend spider came back:

“I was living back in Italy but my house was only half the way it used to be. My mum and other people were living there. Then at some point I got really cross with her because she left me by myself to go out with these people. When she eventually came back she looked dazed and confused, almost drunk (she does not drink in real life). That’s when I leave the house and find myself walking towards the beach/riverside not sure if it was  a sea or a river. I see a spider. So I follow the grassy and tree-lined path down towards the water. When I reach the water’s edge I see many webs amongst the branches. And spider is by my side.”

There is more but I don’t really remember well. I think the spider implies the need for moving and start weaving. Also following up from the comment on my previous post about not procrastinating! (yeah that’s me) The webs are half weaved, the water the open path to what is ahead. I almost see the Tarot card 6 of Swords here. For the need to sail away.

Past life recalling through dreams

Having done past life regression one to one, read countless books and worked in more ways than I can remember with spirit I decided that some of the techniques can be rather long-winded and not so user-friendly and so I decided to try out mixed techniques and see what works for me. As I posted previously I have been working a lot via my dreams, re-entering dreams when stopped, actively continuing a dream to gain more insight and also recalling past lives through dreams. So, for a few months, I have been trying different ways from different sides and techniques to achieve this and this is the one I found that is working for me and it’s simple to do.

There is a recurring dream symbol (well more than one but this one really stands out) in my dreams and that is my old childhood house, mainly the bedroom. No matter what the dream is about you bet at some point in the dream I will end up there. Since both my past life regression and the soul retrieval I had done brought up the same little girl I think my subconscious is trying to retrieve past memories (and traumas since my childhood there was anything but pleasant) and bring them to the surface.

I am still working on this by the way as it’s an ongoing and fairly slow process (some nights I don’t get much and then I get it all at once and need to decode it). But I just wanted to share this with you as it is simple and, if it worked for me, it might work for you too :). It really is simple. Every night before sleep I focus on a particular question. A short  meditation (you also could record this and play it on your phone or iPod if you wanted and if you can sleep with noise, I know I cannot) on a question you want answered.

The first week I borrowed the question from Robert Moss book “Dreaming the Soul back home” and that was: “Where is the rest of me”? intending for the dreams to show me what was left of myself that I needed to retrieve from the past. Needless to say for the whole week I dreamt about my old room. So I diligently wrote and interpreted the symbols.

The questions then evolved from there and from what dreams I was dreaming. I would suggest giving each question at least a week. Progress the questions as you get given (or see) mor information.

Some examples are:

_Where is the rest of me?

– What do i need to know that I am unaware of?

– What is my path?

_ What is my lesson?

– What does this dream mean to me?

As you go through symbols focus on the one you feel is relevant and ask, you will be amazed at what you will get. I have gone as far back as my childhood so far but not beyond. Yet. But my dreams have been amazingly clearer and to the point I have been asking.