Automatic writing

Channeled writing is quite a popular mean of expression amongst mediums and psychic workers.  It is possibly the simplest way to channel, even for those that have difficulty with other means. But, although I think (in my opinion) that it is probably the easiest method it encounters the same difficulties as all others. Because in order for it to work you really need to let go of your thinking brain, your left side brain.

Writers will know the feeling I describe.  Or musicians or any artist that all of a sudden has an “inspiration” and starts “free-flowing”. Automatic writing works in exactly the same way regardless of where the information comes from (subconscious, spirit guides, lost souls, higher beings etc).

I usually have drifting thoughts and I recognize them as different so then I relax, grab pen and paper and start to write (or paint but usually I get colour images then).  If you are not an artist nor used to work with your intuitive right brain you can still try. Exercise it by drawing (does not matter if you are good!), practising writing with your left hand (or right if left-handed), singing, meditating and anything that does not involve logic thought or focusing on a task. Free flow, let it come through no matter how silly it might seem or how it does not make sense. In fact the first few times it probably won’t and even after you become more accustomed to it is still not an exact science. Do not expect to write sentences in perfect grammar, that is not the point. The calligraphy might be (often is) totally different from yours and words my be foreign. Automatic writing is not about you sitting at the word processor and writing a piece (that would be creative writing), it is about channeling information and words from sources beyond this plane therefore it is expected that they won’t sound like you have just dictated them!

Find what you feel comfortable with (meditation, music as an example) and try it out, dedicate a journal to it and try as often as you can. Like with dreams make a point of trying to interpret the writings and the symbols that might be contained within.

An example of channeled writing (by me) can be found in my post Channeled messages



Seek the Light

“…Seek the Light. Forever. Not one mind but more than one will unite. For then the bringers will appear. Forever unite. The knots in the stone will then make sense. The knots. For they will be alive/lively with interest. Then not so much to do. Just wait and see the Light, eyes will torch the world, as it is. Not then. Not for what they see. The night has come and the stars are shining. The heat you feel is healing. Seek Tozer…”

As channelled on 15/12/12.

I had no idea what or who Tozer was until I googled it. Now is the right time to share this.

A.W Tozer


Channelled messages

Two messages, totally random but had to write them down since I kept getting it through the day and finally did when I had some time to sit down quietly. There is no reason, the “voice/writing” for both was from a male and very authoritative. A friend suggested she felt like Metatron voice was present. However I am only here to convey the messages and if they resonate with you that’s great if not that is great too :).

Message 1:

“Many will not have credit. Many will not be here. For I have seen. And many won’t last. The toll is high. But not for long. What we see is temporary. Do not doubt. Do not fear.  Do not wait for we are here. To help you and guide you. For you are lost. We see the tears and we feel the pain. Do not wait. Rest and belong. Tear apart what is not you and rest. For we are watching.”

Message 2

“The lands are gone. None left. For when we are ready a light will appear. Not near. Not for just when we are ready we will see the light for what it is. Not a poem not a lingering word. Just the act of one that has not been here. Facetious ends. The darkness has come and covered the deeds of many. The light will shine. above. Then we will be here.”
(second message felt like a different voice/entity): “I see oppression and disappointment. I see light I see the fruits of many trees, being destroyed. I see for and yet cannot see totally and I am blinded by fear. Not Not that fear. The Light blinded me. because past the Light is the answer. And it is not an easy one. Let the light be. For we are here.”


Orbs and colour meanings

I have been having very active dreams (and a little more, post to follow) since landing again in my friend ghostie house that I posted about HERE . However last night after making it through most of the night quietly I got woken up before dawn again by voices. And a woman (very unusually speaking in Italian since my dreams have been in english for years) shouting:  “Basta!” which means stop or enough.

The woman had long brown hair and looked fairly young…but that is not what the post is about. As I opened my eyes (thinking *sigh not again*) right before my face hovered a white orb, inches away literally and it was about the size of my open hand. I did not move  for a few seconds and neither did it. Then I thought: “ok I need to go back to sleep, it’s like 4 am”, so I looked at it and asked for it to leave as I needed to go back to sleep (how mundane) and for the protection I put on me before going to bed to hold. And it disappeared. Just like that.

This is the same room where last year I experienced the white flickering lights and I think this is no coincidence. Now I am aware of the orb phenomena (and also that 99% are perfectly explainable and normal) but if this was a speck of dust it was a heck of a big one and it lighted itself too. However I do not know much about them so I set researching a bit since a friend also mentioned not knowing of many white orbs and, while nothing of course is proven, this is what I came up with in regard to orbs and their colour meaning:

White is an Angelic Being. High frequency, protection and shielding.

Red means stress or restlessness.

Clear Red means high energy.

Deep Red could mean the person/spirit passed in a violent manner, anger.

Peach means the ability to comfort.

Orange means healing energy.

Gold means free-flowing energy and tolerance.

Yellow means caution.

Yellow green mean psychic growth.

Green means healing, fertility.

Turquoise means amusement, neutrality.

Light Blue means tranquility.

Pilot Light Blue means shielding.

Dark Blue means shielding, shyness, survivor instinct.

Lavender means at peace with God.

Purple means stored information.

Violet means seeking spiritual.

Silver means telekinetic power.

Brown means a connection to the earth.
I have 3 more nights left here, perhaps 4, who know what they will bring, shall keep you posted :).

An officer and a gentleman in Plaistow

This is the second time this gentleman “speaks” to me. I say gentleman because kindness is what I get from him, and patience. Lots. The first time it was pretty sketchy as he just was pointing at me frantically to go to Plaistow (I have never been). I woke up looked it up Plaistow and realized it is a place I really do not know and could not do much about this.

Then again a few nights ago he shows up again, much clearer this time. He is perhaps in his early 50/60’s grey hair a kind and full face. He is an officer of some sort I don’t think a police officer but was always wearing a bright yellow jacket (like cyclists or workers do) with a uniform underneath. The ties are strong for someone from this area he wants to reach out and give a message to. This time he actually wrote on a notebook bright and in clear capital PLAISTOW and the directions to go to.