My first (and only) O.B.E. (Out of Body Experience)

Many years ago (18 or so) I was entering a darker and challenging period in my life. It wasn’t unhappy per se but some events and choices I made triggered more events and even more consequences that eventually led to some not very pleasant experiences. I wasn’t doing Tarot then (although I had been a few years previously) and consciously stepped out of anything “psychic” due to a previous series of events that had upset me.

One night I got back late from work I was very tired and had a few drinks so decided I would just go to sleep. At some point before dawn I woke up, what woke me up were voices and screaming. As I looked around what would have been my bedroom I saw I was standing somewhere fairly dark, the terrain brown and muddy and curved…like on a very steep slope. It was very cold and, ahead of me pitch black darkness. Behind me, light but very far away. And as I became aware of being in a “different place”, of the cold and the vacuum surrounding me I also suddenly became aware of a very palpable sense of fear, anguish, dread and pain. I switched my awareness to the voices and I “saw” all around me people. Well they looked like people and there was no mistaking that they were absolutely terrified and in pain. I got scared and started panicking and then I realized I wanted to go back to my room…as I thought that I literally *whooshed* (that is how it felt like) back to the room (through the light that was behind me) but then I was on the room ceiling, looking down at my body and desperately wanting to get to it but not quite succeeding. I kept looking at the familiar things in there my clothes, wardrobes etc thinking what the heck, am I dead? Then once more I thought I needed to go back down and back into my body I was. It felt like I landed from a great height, almost like a thud. I did not manage to go back to sleep that night.

To this day I don’t know if that place was what we called “limbo” or what but it certainly was not a place of happiness. Also I have thought to myself after reading more on the subject that my experience resembled more an NDE than a OBE, however I did not have any health related issues at the time and think I would have noticed if I had suffered a heart attack or something similar during sleep. I also wonder if I still have a connection because now that I actively do work with spirit I still occasionally get very unhappy/terrified souls coming through. This has never happened again to me since. From time to time I think of this place and why I was led there, perhaps it was a roundabout message for the healing work that I was meant to start years later. Or perhaps it was just a reflection of the darkness I was going through at the time.

Dying to be me (Anita Moorjani)

I just wanted to share this here because it was such a lovely experience.  Anita Moorjani is the author of Dying to be me a book recounting her experience of surviving Death and terminal cancer and her NDE (Near Death Experience) which resulted in a truly life changing experience for her.

Last monday she was talking at St. James’s Church in London and I had my ticket already since July. However I did not expect the place to be packed, I mean the queue went around the building twice. It was my first time in this particular Church venue and the building was stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere quite peaceful and full of expectancy. I won’t go into too much detail here, feel free to follow the link above and buy her book which is wonderful. What I wanted to share here was how this woman conveyed such a peaceful feeling to the audience and was brutally honest even when recalling very personal matters. Her way of narrating her experience of going through the stages of: finding out she had cancer, being told she had not long to live, the pain of the treatments and finally her slipping into a coma and “crossing over” was straight to the point and honest. At no point she slipped into wishy-washy stuff or made herself to be better than anyone else.

She talked about Fear, Loving oneself and how we are so often stopped in this life by fear of this or that or the other. How repressing emotions can work against us, how loving oneself first and foremost is so important. And how it all really does not matter because, in the end, we all are as one.

I really wish the talk would have lasted longer and I think I will reread her book too, I would highly recommend it for you too 🙂