Psychometry 101

Psychometry (better known as the ability of reading information from a variety of objects) has been one of my main gifts since childhood. At first I had no idea of what it was of course, but as I grew up, I started wondering why certain places, beds, chairs even would trigger visions and sometimes nightmares.

It is a gift that has been used (together with remote viewing but that is for another post) by many police forces in trying to find missing persons, bodies, animals and more. In my experience it can be triggered voluntarily or not. Voluntarily if I am doing a reading for example, random if I am away and sleep in a hotel bed. Yes beds are my bane, most of the times if I sleep somewhere else I will get the most vivid dreams and visions, although with hotel beds since they host so many people I never get to find out what they mean or from who they are. The principle of psychometry works on the basis that residual energy is left in all objects we come into contact with. A bit like an energy fingerprint. And some people are very sensitive to these energy and are able to pick up impressions.

I give you one example that happened to me. Years ago I went to visit a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and, as it got late, I decided to stay overnight. She and her boyfriend had an argument a few days before and so he was not there. I woke up in the middle of the night with the most awful dream. I dreamt he (the boyfriend) was really in pain and upset because his arm was being amputated. When I told my friend in the morning and ask her to perhaps check up on him she said how did I know? And I said what? So she proceeded to tell me that a week before he had a bad infection and antibiotics were not working and the doctors said if they did not find a way the arm might have to be amputated.

It is as simple as that. Another time doing a reading for someone I saw this beautiful old lady in a bed in what looked like a huge deserted hospital. The person started crying when I started to describe the room. His mother died a few days earlier and that is where they left her. Being also a strong empath through the years have had to learn to protect myself and shut down at times or would get information overload. But I love psychometry, it has always been with me and is my favourite form of divination. I know some of my friends have also experienced this and some have also had experience of working with the police on cold cases.

In the meantime I am still learning and honing my gift, after all like with all my readings and my healing training my aim, in then end, is to help people and be of service.