New beginnings

After a break for the Holidays and the start of 2014 things are starting to move forward again. I have to say I was mighty glad to see the back of 2013. It wasn’t a good year for health, loss and all sort of mishaps.

Last December I also experienced a really weird OBE where I found myself in the middle of the night first above myself, then on the other side of my bedroom, simply looking around. Everything was bathed in an orange glow, if felt peaceful. The, suddenly, I whooshed back into my body with a very loud noise through the top of my head.

Then, at the beginning of January, I was woken up again in the middle of the night by a man sitting on my bed frantically gesticulating at me. He was talking too but I can never hear them unfortunately. He was holding a white book/notebook. I still have not found out who he was or anymore about him as he has not made another appearance.

Now things are fairly quiet. I am having a slow January, still have not gotten back fully into my spiritual work. But I have plans, many of them and I look forward sharing them with you through 2014.

Next is a painting I have started working on focused on AA Jophiel and Gabriel. But it is still in its infancy for now, as I said I am gradually immersing myself back into it all.

I wish you all a Blessed 2014 and look forward to sharing this year journey with you all.

Namaste 🙂


My ex husband came back to me…

This encounter, although not of the Angelic kind, was kindly shared by Nancy :):

“In April my ex husband who died 20 years ago appeared to me. I was sound asleep when suddenly I woke up and he was sitting on my bed. I hadn’t seen him in 40 years but he looked the same except his hair was longer, to his shoulders and his face was fuller. He had  medium grey or black with grey streaks running through it, and a T-shirt on. He was adamantly trying to tell me something. After what seemed like forever he reached over and gently rubbed the left side of my face with his right hand and disappeared. I still don’t know what he wanted me to know”…


A guiding Light

Amazing dream last night, I still feel the love.

Firstly, on the way home, a beautiful white feather landed in front of me as I was about to go into the train station, considering it was raining and not the best of weathers, it was pure white and softly landed by me :), and that made me smile. However here is the dream as I remember it, before dreaming this I woke up briefly then off to sleep I went again:

“I am standing in a white room, open space, floor like granite. Across the room a window, round but slightly heart-shaped. From the window this hugely bright white light shines through and across the room. Looks like a light tunnel. Under the window there are 4/5 white cloaked figures, standing. I cannot see their face. They stand there like pure white beings of light. The silence and peace are beautiful. I start walking towards the light window.  Then I get (almost) jerked awake by this male voice. it says to me: “what has been sent back to the past will come to you again in the future”. I then wake up because my pillow is being taken from under my head.

That got me awake! However it was not intended to be scary, I think it was just so I would wake up. The feeling of peace has been following me all day, totally opposite to the stress perceived in the outside world. Would love to dream of them again :).


Channelled messages

Two messages, totally random but had to write them down since I kept getting it through the day and finally did when I had some time to sit down quietly. There is no reason, the “voice/writing” for both was from a male and very authoritative. A friend suggested she felt like Metatron voice was present. However I am only here to convey the messages and if they resonate with you that’s great if not that is great too :).

Message 1:

“Many will not have credit. Many will not be here. For I have seen. And many won’t last. The toll is high. But not for long. What we see is temporary. Do not doubt. Do not fear.  Do not wait for we are here. To help you and guide you. For you are lost. We see the tears and we feel the pain. Do not wait. Rest and belong. Tear apart what is not you and rest. For we are watching.”

Message 2

“The lands are gone. None left. For when we are ready a light will appear. Not near. Not for just when we are ready we will see the light for what it is. Not a poem not a lingering word. Just the act of one that has not been here. Facetious ends. The darkness has come and covered the deeds of many. The light will shine. above. Then we will be here.”
(second message felt like a different voice/entity): “I see oppression and disappointment. I see light I see the fruits of many trees, being destroyed. I see for and yet cannot see totally and I am blinded by fear. Not Not that fear. The Light blinded me. because past the Light is the answer. And it is not an easy one. Let the light be. For we are here.”


Day of the Dead, Halloween and a simple ritual

This is my favorite time of the year: the approaching winter, beautiful autumnal colours, the chill in the air and the promise of wonderful winter food…it is also a time for remembering those that have moved on and left us. Back when I was living in Italy I remember fondly gathering with the oversized family on the 1st of November for a feast and then, on the 2nd of November (All Souls) the trip to the cemetery to visit lost relatives.

Through the years (and since I do not live in Italy anymore) I have worked out my own perfected ritual for remembrance. I usually get lots of messages after it and for a couple of nights afterwards. It does not matter what religion you belong to or if you have none, this is simply to honor those that we have lost (from this plane). I won’t go into my ritual since it’s a bit convoluted and also I’d like to keep it personal 🙂 however it is very simple to set up a remembrance altar for Samhain should you wish to do so. All you need is:
1 black candle

1 orange candle

Angelite or Kyanite crystals (if you have neither you can use pink quartz)

a picture or the name of the person you are remembering written on paper.

Clear the space where you are going to burn the candles. You can do so by smudging with sage or incense or by visualizing the place bathed in light with all the negativity rushing out from the doors and windows. Once done just focus on the person and cleanse each candle with oil (altar oil, olive oil would do) you can do so by rubbing the oil gently on the candle with either your hands or a tissue. As you light the candles ask for any messages if possible and then let the candles burn completely.

Merry Samhain 🙂

A ghostly house sitting part 2

Well this time I was there only for a week (for part 1 click HERE ) but on arriving things were quiet. The cat did her usual thing of chasing shadows but hey, she’s a cat and only she can see so I was not too worried about it, although the hallway (where the previous apparition occurred) seemed to be her particular focus of shadow chasing. The first night went ok beside some banging which again woke me up in the early hours of the morning. So, on the second day, I decided to smudge. I did not wish to be awake most of the night when, this time, I actually needed to get up to go to work the next day. And smudge I did. Thoroughly. That night I slept through.

In fact after that pretty much the whole week went quietly, I took loads of pictures this time with no significant result and the only incident of note was the one I reported in this POST which had to do with waking up in the middle of the night with a floating white orb in front of my face.

I guess the smudging worked then 🙂 (I do really dislike the smell of sage but hey it’s for good cause). The only other “incident” worthy of note was on the following saturday whilst doing some Tarot readings online I suddenly saw a woman standing beside me in the little office and I jumped! However this was related to that particular reading I think and not to the house.

I still think for some reason this is a very active location (at least for me) and am very curious to perhaps give it another try in the future to see if any of the energies have changed or perhaps even lessened.

On coming back to my house a week later though it was a totally different story….

Orbs and colour meanings

I have been having very active dreams (and a little more, post to follow) since landing again in my friend ghostie house that I posted about HERE . However last night after making it through most of the night quietly I got woken up before dawn again by voices. And a woman (very unusually speaking in Italian since my dreams have been in english for years) shouting:  “Basta!” which means stop or enough.

The woman had long brown hair and looked fairly young…but that is not what the post is about. As I opened my eyes (thinking *sigh not again*) right before my face hovered a white orb, inches away literally and it was about the size of my open hand. I did not move  for a few seconds and neither did it. Then I thought: “ok I need to go back to sleep, it’s like 4 am”, so I looked at it and asked for it to leave as I needed to go back to sleep (how mundane) and for the protection I put on me before going to bed to hold. And it disappeared. Just like that.

This is the same room where last year I experienced the white flickering lights and I think this is no coincidence. Now I am aware of the orb phenomena (and also that 99% are perfectly explainable and normal) but if this was a speck of dust it was a heck of a big one and it lighted itself too. However I do not know much about them so I set researching a bit since a friend also mentioned not knowing of many white orbs and, while nothing of course is proven, this is what I came up with in regard to orbs and their colour meaning:

White is an Angelic Being. High frequency, protection and shielding.

Red means stress or restlessness.

Clear Red means high energy.

Deep Red could mean the person/spirit passed in a violent manner, anger.

Peach means the ability to comfort.

Orange means healing energy.

Gold means free-flowing energy and tolerance.

Yellow means caution.

Yellow green mean psychic growth.

Green means healing, fertility.

Turquoise means amusement, neutrality.

Light Blue means tranquility.

Pilot Light Blue means shielding.

Dark Blue means shielding, shyness, survivor instinct.

Lavender means at peace with God.

Purple means stored information.

Violet means seeking spiritual.

Silver means telekinetic power.

Brown means a connection to the earth.
I have 3 more nights left here, perhaps 4, who know what they will bring, shall keep you posted :).