My ex husband came back to me…

This encounter, although not of the Angelic kind, was kindly shared by Nancy :):

“In April my ex husband who died 20 years ago appeared to me. I was sound asleep when suddenly I woke up and he was sitting on my bed. I hadn’t seen him in 40 years but he looked the same except his hair was longer, to his shoulders and his face was fuller. He had  medium grey or black with grey streaks running through it, and a T-shirt on. He was adamantly trying to tell me something. After what seemed like forever he reached over and gently rubbed the left side of my face with his right hand and disappeared. I still don’t know what he wanted me to know”…



Angel Encounters (part 2)

Here is another short story of an Angelic encounter. This one was kindly shared by Bernadette:

Night Angel

“The one and only encounter I’ve had in my waking life was an Angel in my living room, I was up to go to the rest room about 3:15 am, I see a light on in the living room and I thought my husband was up watching television and was about to get up to check on him when I discovered he was still sleeping in bed, as I look back into the living room, the light is gone, the light was bright white so I wasn’t concerned about it being anything negative, my chihuahua also never barked and she was on the couch in the same room. I’ve had them visit in my dreams as most of us do, but this was the first time I was blessed enough to catch their light.”

Angel Encounters (Part 1)

I am going to post several true life Angel encounters and experiences, stories that friends have kindly “donated” and given me permission to post. Some I will keep anonymous, some not, but they all are lovely :). Oh and by the way, if anyone reading this has any Angel story to share please free to contact me with it. The first story was shared with me by my lovely friend Nefer and it’s about Archangel Michael, so here goes:

Nefer encounter with Archangel Michael

“It was a dark & stormy night – really it was. My family & I were driving back home from my husband’s grandfather’s funeral. It was in Hobbs, New Mexico & we had to drive all the way back to Corpus Christi, and it’s around a 14-hour drive. We were out in the middle of nowhere & it was raining terribly & at night. Visibility was at a minimum, when I noticed the gas gauge was dangerously low. I prayed to AA Michael to get us to the next gas station safely & without having to push the car. We just made it & as we pulled up to a pump the car stopped dead. PERFECT!

Stuart was out in the rain pumping the gas while Ariel & I were in the car. I saw this very tall man approach Stuart & start chatting to him. Now, both men were standing IN THE POURING RAIN. It was coming down fairly hard & Stuart was already soaked, but then I noticed something very strange. No rain was hitting the man. He was DRY! I thought no, must be our window is dirty or something. It bothered me so much that I rolled down my window to be sure. No, the man was PERFECTLY 100% DRY! He then leaned over to look in at me.

He was so tall, around 7 ft (Stuart is 6 ft & this man was markedly taller than Stuart). He smiled at me & said, “good thing you noticed the gas gauge, right?” I smiled up at him & said “yes,” then he said to me, “it’s also a very good thing you asked for help.” So I just figured Stuart told him I had prayed to Michael & I told the man I always have faith that help will be there. The man then nods in agreement & says, “yeah, I know.”

Well, I think nothing of it. The inside of the car was getting wet & I forgot all about that man staying perfectly dry as rain was falling all around us. He walks off into the darkness, NOT toward the gas station, and NOT toward another car. He walked off toward a small clump of trees to the right of the gas station. As Stuart was getting in the car I grabbed his arm & said, “where do you think that man is going?” Stuart looked over at him & said, “hmm, that’s weird.” We had to then drive past those trees to get back onto the main road, as we did so Stuart flashed our brights & the man was NOWHERE. He had simply walked into the few trees that were there & he was GONE.

I then told Stuart how the man had mentioned the gas gauge & asking for help. Well, Stuart about had a STROKE! He said there was NO WAY the man would have known about the gas gauge & my noticing it was dangerously low without him saying something to him. Stuart said he didn’t say a word about that or about me always praying to AA Michael for help. Well, we then looked at each other. Said nothing. We looked at each other again. Then he said, “You don’t think …” and his voice trailed off. Gosh, I still get chills ALL OVER & this happened 12 years ago! I then said, “well, didn’t you notice something weird about him? He wasn’t wet! It rained all over, but he was DRY.” Stuart’s mouth worked, but no words came out. We drove on & I said to him, “Stuart, that must have been Michael. Who else would have known about the gas gauge & my asking for help? He’s the only one I prayed to!”

To this day I firmly believe it was Michael or at the very least another angel sent by him to help us. And for the record, if this was Michael, he’s damn good-looking! Curly short brown hair, vivid greenish bluish eyes, & a smile that would knock your socks off! High cheek bones, very nice manly chin. Just perfection.”

Day of the Dead 2013

I did my usual candle remembrance ritual on this day and again made it into a FB event like last year to pay it forward and help remember those we loved and lost wherever we are. It went well but only 2 happenings worthy of note and no specific messages received (at least not yet). Firstly the cat going mental all evening from shortly after candle was lit. I started to worry because she behaved exactly like my cat used to behave in Italy before an earthquake. At some point she was asleep on her chair and then suddenly jumped out of it so fast the cushion flew across the room…Secondly my long-lost nan appeared to me in my dreams last night. A short but lovely dream were she assured me all was well and I should carry on :).

It feels like the energy around these last few days is dark and dense. I don’t know if it is because of the New Moon + eclipse + all else that is going on but I feel it. And it’s the kind of energy that you don’t want sticking to yourself. I have the last of the candle burning right now, will cleanse some more afterwards. But I really hope this energy will shift and soon. It has been a weird year this 2013, and I can safely say I will be happy to see it out and welcome new changes and energies :).

day of dead skull