Channelled messages

Two messages, totally random but had to write them down since I kept getting it through the day and finally did when I had some time to sit down quietly. There is no reason, the “voice/writing” for both was from a male and very authoritative. A friend suggested she felt like Metatron voice was present. However I am only here to convey the messages and if they resonate with you that’s great if not that is great too :).

Message 1:

“Many will not have credit. Many will not be here. For I have seen. And many won’t last. The toll is high. But not for long. What we see is temporary. Do not doubt. Do not fear.  Do not wait for we are here. To help you and guide you. For you are lost. We see the tears and we feel the pain. Do not wait. Rest and belong. Tear apart what is not you and rest. For we are watching.”

Message 2

“The lands are gone. None left. For when we are ready a light will appear. Not near. Not for just when we are ready we will see the light for what it is. Not a poem not a lingering word. Just the act of one that has not been here. Facetious ends. The darkness has come and covered the deeds of many. The light will shine. above. Then we will be here.”
(second message felt like a different voice/entity): “I see oppression and disappointment. I see light I see the fruits of many trees, being destroyed. I see for and yet cannot see totally and I am blinded by fear. Not Not that fear. The Light blinded me. because past the Light is the answer. And it is not an easy one. Let the light be. For we are here.”