AA Michael vortex

This was created for a friend :). Colours are warm and healing.

Picture was taken just after finishing it.

Blue for healing, white for clearance and purple for spiritual connection.

Now working on the next one :), contact me for questions/enquiries

Archangel Michael healing


New beginnings

After a break for the Holidays and the start of 2014 things are starting to move forward again. I have to say I was mighty glad to see the back of 2013. It wasn’t a good year for health, loss and all sort of mishaps.

Last December I also experienced a really weird OBE where I found myself in the middle of the night first above myself, then on the other side of my bedroom, simply looking around. Everything was bathed in an orange glow, if felt peaceful. The, suddenly, I whooshed back into my body with a very loud noise through the top of my head.

Then, at the beginning of January, I was woken up again in the middle of the night by a man sitting on my bed frantically gesticulating at me. He was talking too but I can never hear them unfortunately. He was holding a white book/notebook. I still have not found out who he was or anymore about him as he has not made another appearance.

Now things are fairly quiet. I am having a slow January, still have not gotten back fully into my spiritual work. But I have plans, many of them and I look forward sharing them with you through 2014.

Next is a painting I have started working on focused on AA Jophiel and Gabriel. But it is still in its infancy for now, as I said I am gradually immersing myself back into it all.

I wish you all a Blessed 2014 and look forward to sharing this year journey with you all.

Namaste 🙂


The Light Exchange has seen some progress…but not done with it yet :).

But my thoughts are taken by yellow lately…Jophiel the Archangel of the yellow ray, of wisdom and beauty and creativity and overcoming negative thoughts and addictions…so I think once my supplies arrive I’ll start working on yellow again…there must be something to it since, naturally, I really dislike this colour ;).

Stay tuned….

The Light Exchange


I think it is finished but really needs a few more touches :), waiting for today’s paint to dry properly first though 😉

AA Micheal is associated with Royal Blue or Red. This concentrates on Red energy: Base Chakra spilling into Navel Chakra (emotions, sexuality, anger, repressed feelings, inner balance).

AA Michael