An officer and a gentleman in Plaistow

This is the second time this gentleman “speaks” to me. I say gentleman because kindness is what I get from him, and patience. Lots. The first time it was pretty sketchy as he just was pointing at me frantically to go to Plaistow (I have never been). I woke up looked it up Plaistow and realized it is a place I really do not know and could not do much about this.

Then again a few nights ago he shows up again, much clearer this time. He is perhaps in his early 50/60’s grey hair a kind and full face. He is an officer of some sort I don’t think a police officer but was always wearing a bright yellow jacket (like cyclists or workers do) with a uniform underneath. The ties are strong for someone from this area he wants to reach out and give a message to. This time he actually wrote on a notebook bright and in clear capital PLAISTOW and the directions to go to.


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