Spider talks

He/she came in my dreams a few days ago (spider, as one of my totems). I have no control on the images as they come through and do my best to try to relay them. I think of her as a she here and what she speaks of is still unknown to me…





One thought on “Spider talks

  1. Spider wants you to GET MOVING! She is raising her front feet to give you a mighty push.
    You procrastinate too much and she only wants you to act upon your many wonderful ideas and plans. She feels blessed to be by your side and loves you so dearly. She feels that God has truly blessed her.
    She becomes tickled when you speak to her and seek her wisdom. She considers herself a small and lowly spider but you give her so much more importance. She is truly grateful.

    “Set some plans in motion. You’ll be pleased with the outcome and your success will propel you forward.”
    Your-Very-Own Spider

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