I have pondered about creating something like this for a while..but time and life events have always intervened and somehow the project has always ended up in the backburner.

I have been a Tarot reader on and off for almost 30 years and now I professionally read for the last 5 and am also a qualified Healer. But one of my pet loves and something that I have always wanted to do is develop further into mediumship. My readings sometimes incorporate it (recently especially Aura readings), I have taken psychic development and psychometry courses in the past and I have seen this gift getting stronger and stronger the more it is used. Messages come to me almost every day, particularly in dreams but not always so. I love using psychometry (the ability of getting information from objects, photos etc) and being able to help and convey messages that would be otherwise lost.

The aim of this blog is really simple. I have lots of material (messages) that have nothing to do with me and keep coming. My aim is to collect these messages here and perhaps they will make sense to someone else. I invite you all to contribute if you are a medium and wish to share something that makes no sense to you or you think is directed to someone else. The internet makes a wonderful tool for this, I believe the messages, stories, pictures (the latter are gonna be difficult for me as I cannot draw lol!) come through for a reason and really this is for me is a personal journey of sharing the messages I receive with anyone that would like to hear them.

So please feel free to visit, share, comment and ask questions. The journey is just beginning.

Blessings xx


One thought on “Beginnings

  1. Deanne says:

    Very excited for you, Anton! Good luck with your blog!

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