Dream sharing

I have been reading a lot about dreams lately, and also working with my dreams, not only by interpreting them but also by trying to access past issues in a more lucid way and healing past lives issues. And I keep coming across dream related materials and stories all the time now. In fictions books I read, blogs, films and more. Inception starring Leonardo di Caprio hinted at technology being able to do just that: dream sharing with others. Imagine a world where you can enter someone else’s dream and make them aware of yours. Imagine being able to enter a dream for healing purposes, 2 heads (minds) are better than one right? I love the concept and I know much work is done today by shamans all over the world in lucid dreaming, dream recall and entry and soul retrieval through dreams.

I know that my dreamwork is moving along fast and getting clearer, more vivid and spot on where I want to go (not without help I might add as I do belong to a lovely group that has been enormously helpful in my developing this ability) but it takes some practice to re-enter a past dream or reach a destination successfully. I am finding it healing, since it is bringing back a lot of past memories (some perhaps not so welcome but it is all part of the healing process) and also, as it gets stronger and clearer, I feel my intuition is getting stronger too in waking life. I honestly think dream sharing not only is possible but some people today already practice this and successfully.

I will continue this new journey for it is bringing me clarity and enlightenment :).

If you want to read up on dreaming and dreaming techniques here are some recommendations:

Dreaming the Soul back home

Active dreaming: Journeying beyond self limitation to a life of wild freedom

Conscious dreaming: A spiritual path for everyday life



4 thoughts on “Dream sharing

  1. Sama says:

    I am able to this, dream sharing. I had a friend about 10 years ago that I used to practice with on an almost nightly basis. When I was a kid I used to do it accidently with my friends all the time. They would tell me about a dream that had about me the night before and I would have had the same exact dream! In my late teens/early twenties I started reading about it and keeping a journal and had Michael (the friend I mentioned) to practice with. Unfortunately our paths went different ways and we haven’t really spoke since I was 25. I didnt have anyone else that was into those sorts of things or even believed it so I got a little depressed and stopped doing it 😦 It didnt help that I had a dream that my then best friends little sister was murdered and it turned out to have happened while I was dreaming it >.< freaked me out and I was terrified of my dreams for a few years after that. I'm happy to say that I no longer am and am even considering starting a journal again.

    • antonrossi says:

      WOW Sama! That is really quite intense…I am working more and more with this…it’s weird how one thinks the path is set and then gets pulled all over in different directions! But it’s all a learning experience :). Journalling is probably the bets way to keep track so go for it if you feel comfortable 🙂

  2. The only time I experienced dream sharing was during a period in my life when I was in group therapy. I had a dancing with dolphins dreams that another group member shared with me. I love that you’re delving deeper into this, Anton, and look forward to reading more! Blessings, Lisa

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