A little about me

I was born in Italy and moved to the UK 22 years ago after a turbulent and often traumatic childhood and adolescence.

I was born with a milder form of epilepsy, more commonly known as “le petit mal” and as such my childhood was never normal due to the seizures and medication I was required to take.

Psychic experiences for me started very young, I think I was about 6/7 years old (well that is as far as I remember) and consisted of objects moving without anyone close (nor natural intervention), lights going on and off in my room in the middle of the night, precognitive dreams (often in nightmare form), clairvoyance and shadows pretty much following me everywhere. I started reading Tarot at 13 when my beloved grandma (no longer with us) gave me my first deck. At the time I was just reading intuitively without much knowledge of the cards. As I reached puberty then teenagehood things got worse for me and I abandoned everything. Finished college, got some money together and left my family and country behind.

For quite a few years I did not pursue my psychic gifts, I strayed (a lot) then started again in my late 20’s only to find that the more I used it the stronger it got. I started seeing spirit and hearing too. I got scared and closed myself off and again abandoned everything. But not for long. About 10 years ago I started taking courses in psychic development and psychometry to try to use and control these gifts. And it worked, psychometry has always been one of my favourite since I am very sensitive to new environments, objects and I often find I cannot sleep in someone else’s bed because of all that I pick up! Then I started reading Tarot again and, eventually, I got to where I am now where I semi professionally read Tarot and am currently trying to further develop my mediumistic gifts.

Spirit comes to me at the most unusual times and often I need to ground and protect to make sure I don’t get woken up 10 times every night (I do also have a full time day job). Their faces, words, gestures are sometimes very clear and sometimes not. Sometimes I get frustrated in not being able to understand or help and hence the idea for this blog.

I hope this outlet will be good for me and others and help with messages and perhaps further the knowledge in what it is to live in a world populated not just by what we “normally” see everyday. I have come a long way from those dark days where I felt lost and alone and I was scared almost constantly. I think there is light for everyone if they wish to see it :).

I am a qualified Reiki Healer, Tarot reader, Angel Light Healer and Lightworker and Holistic Therapist (Colour Therapy and Flower remedies) and working to further my qualifications in more modalities.

Love & Light,




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