Samhain (Halloween) Spells and Candle Magic

It’s that time of the year again, the 18th of October is the next Full Moon and we also have 2 eclipses occurring this month, one lunar and one solar. To be honest the energies have been all over the place for me this year but let’s concentrate on good things :).

Here I give you 2 examples of a Full Moon simple candle ritual for attracting prosperity and a simple Tarot spell for getting rid of negativity (to be done after Full Moon in the waning phase).

Full Moon Candle ritual for prosperity:

– Green candle

– sea salt (or kosher salt)

– Attraction Oil (or if unavailable simple olive oil will do)

– chopped dried basil leaves

Anoint the candle with the oil by rubbing it TOWARD yourself in one direction only. State your intention and what you want to attain (it is better to speak out this loudly but you can think it too if you prefer). Do this for a couple of minutes. Mix the basil with some of the salt and rub on the candle (again in one direction toward yourself), light the candle and, if possible, let it burn until extinguished.

Tarot spell for clearing negativity:

– Black candle

– Black obsidian (or black tourmaline)

– Rosemary incense (or Sandalwood if not available)

– A Tarot deck

Light the incense. Cleanse the candle by imagining it covered in white light and all the negativity cleared from it, do this until you feel it is thoroughly cleansed. Light the candle. Lay the crystals next to it. Now take out from your Tarot deck the following 3 cards: Death, 8 of Cups, 6 of Swords. Lay the cards one after the other beside (but not too close for safety!) the candle and incense. State loudly what you want to clear, get rid of or what you want to move away from. Leave this setting untouched until the candle is fully extinguished.

I will post some more Halloween spells towards the end of the month :), you can also take the short Tarot Spells course I offer directly from my website.


One thought on “Samhain (Halloween) Spells and Candle Magic

  1. How wonderful! I particularly loved the negativity banishing spell! The new year is such a wonderful time for these kinds of spells! Namaste. ~Sarah

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