Seek the Light

“…Seek the Light. Forever. Not one mind but more than one will unite. For then the bringers will appear. Forever unite. The knots in the stone will then make sense. The knots. For they will be alive/lively with interest. Then not so much to do. Just wait and see the Light, eyes will torch the world, as it is. Not then. Not for what they see. The night has come and the stars are shining. The heat you feel is healing. Seek Tozer…”

As channelled on 15/12/12.

I had no idea what or who Tozer was until I googled it. Now is the right time to share this.

A.W Tozer



2 thoughts on “Seek the Light

  1. Interesting… So what did you make of the Tozer connection?

  2. antonrossi says:

    Tozer was a well known preacher that lived as he preached, unlikely most in our days. The story (and I read also a couple of his books after this) reminds me a little of St Francis state of mind. Humility and not live to excess, appreciating life for what it is and not living in the material. It is a difficult message for many in this era. He was fascinating although I am not a Christian, and he was also very charismatic. My intuition said he is saying to get used to less, for more is to come.

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