Unnamed & symbols

So many names came through with this I was unable to choose the right one. If anyone can help with the symbols it would be great, have tried some research but did not come up with anything that made sense.

I was given the words “Now Amen”, “Zeos”, “Azrael”.

Azrael & symbols


3 thoughts on “Unnamed & symbols

  1. timbush222 says:

    they look like bits of, or pieces that make up of runes…

    • antonrossi says:

      Yeah I think someone mentioned that on FB, however I am a bit stomped since runes is not my field and don’t really know much 🙂

      • timbush222 says:

        YOu should probably do some research on them. I like mine. You can make your own. They are pretty easy to understand once you read up about them..

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