I often get asked: “How do you channel?” (guides, spirits, messages); “What is the best way?” and so on…and really my answer is that there is no given way. Everyone is different and each way is totally personal.

I believe it is a personal journey and, while it is beneficial to have someone help and advise, ultimately you need to find your own way. And that should be what the help you get is about, finding the way that works for you. It could be via dreams, intuition, signs, precognition, you name it.

Try different things. Start with a little meditation each day, even if not specific and just 10 minutes of quiet time (most of us these days do not even get that!). Give in to your instinct and gut feelings. Do you feel like painting? Singing? Writing? Sleeping? Then go with it. And note all that you can remember. Of course it is not this simple, but this is a good start. Find time within yourself, the ability to channel is in all of us but, like working in a gym, it needs to be exercised in order to get stronger.

If trying channelling in dreams meditate before sleep and focus on the thought before falling asleep. Recite it quietly like a mantra and then write down your dreams as you remember them. It might take a few days but eventually you will get there.

Always remember to write anything that comes to you no matter how and when. And then go back to it (if it does not make sense straight away). It is your own gift and your own “gym” to work in :).



2 thoughts on “Channelling

  1. Sama says:

    I found this rather helpful. It seems so simple and basic, but I find we often forget about the simple things when it comes to matters of spirit! Thank you for this post Anton =)

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