Spider comes back

I have been ill for the last week or so and only since yesterday I have really started to feel human again. My sleep has improved greatly (thanks magnesium) and I feel much more energized. And for the past couple of nights I have started remembering my dreams again.

Last night was a bit baffling but my friend spider came back:

“I was living back in Italy but my house was only half the way it used to be. My mum and other people were living there. Then at some point I got really cross with her because she left me by myself to go out with these people. When she eventually came back she looked dazed and confused, almost drunk (she does not drink in real life). That’s when I leave the house and find myself walking towards the beach/riverside not sure if it was  a sea or a river. I see a spider. So I follow the grassy and tree-lined path down towards the water. When I reach the water’s edge I see many webs amongst the branches. And spider is by my side.”

There is more but I don’t really remember well. I think the spider implies the need for moving and start weaving. Also following up from the comment on my previous post about not procrastinating! (yeah that’s me) The webs are half weaved, the water the open path to what is ahead. I almost see the Tarot card 6 of Swords here. For the need to sail away.


One thought on “Spider comes back

  1. knixie.net says:

    I see spiders as “you weave your own web”, like, you are the person in charge of your life. If the webs are blocking your path, it could mean you need to work towards clearing something in your life.

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