Crazy dream last night…I have now tried my best to depict the birdlike things in it and this is the best I could come up with (with a little help from my guide). They were wearing armor like clothes and the main colors were yellow, red and black :
“I am somewhere on the coast, Brighton I think and, far from the sea towards the beach, huge explosions going off, coming up next to me. People running and screaming, one woman trapped in her small caravan. Then I am back in town, I am visiting someone from a social network (that I do not know personally and staying at her house, we talk, cook watch tv etc). Then all hell breaks loose, explosions (on tv news) all over the city. “They” (they being beings that are dressed up colorfully like birds, masks and all) say that they have placed an explosive device under every building and they will keep going off until people take their shoes off and walk the earth (they had to do something else but I cannot remember). People run, I see explosions (at this point I am back in the city), buildings going up, limbs lying around. Some people form a council but it appears at the meeting no one can agree on what to do. People on a subway train are trapped as ceilings are falling down. A girls carries a heart-shaped red balloon which as I look at it seems to be a bomb and so I run for all I am worth…I then hear the explosion behind me. The beings are there all along walking amongst us, unafraid.”



3 thoughts on “Dreambirds

  1. Sama says:

    holy crap thats intense!!! Did you take your shoes off and walk the earth?

  2. knixie.net says:

    I LOVE reading peoples dreams! This is a great one!

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