Day of the Dead, Halloween and a simple ritual

This is my favorite time of the year: the approaching winter, beautiful autumnal colours, the chill in the air and the promise of wonderful winter food…it is also a time for remembering those that have moved on and left us. Back when I was living in Italy I remember fondly gathering with the oversized family on the 1st of November for a feast and then, on the 2nd of November (All Souls) the trip to the cemetery to visit lost relatives.

Through the years (and since I do not live in Italy anymore) I have worked out my own perfected ritual for remembrance. I usually get lots of messages after it and for a couple of nights afterwards. It does not matter what religion you belong to or if you have none, this is simply to honor those that we have lost (from this plane). I won’t go into my ritual since it’s a bit convoluted and also I’d like to keep it personal πŸ™‚ however it is very simple to set up a remembrance altar for Samhain should you wish to do so. All you need is:
1 black candle

1 orange candle

Angelite or Kyanite crystals (if you have neither you can use pink quartz)

a picture or the name of the person you are remembering written on paper.

Clear the space where you are going to burn the candles. You can do so by smudging with sage or incense or by visualizing the place bathed in light with all the negativity rushing out from the doors and windows. Once done just focus on the person and cleanse each candle with oil (altar oil, olive oil would do) you can do so by rubbing the oil gently on the candle with either your hands or a tissue. As you light the candles ask for any messages if possible and then let the candles burn completely.

Merry Samhain πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Day of the Dead, Halloween and a simple ritual

  1. says:

    I love my Kyanite! I wish I could find more rituals that use it.

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