Dying to be me (Anita Moorjani)

I just wanted to share this here because it was such a lovely experience.  Anita Moorjani is the author of Dying to be me a book recounting her experience of surviving Death and terminal cancer and her NDE (Near Death Experience) which resulted in a truly life changing experience for her.

Last monday she was talking at St. James’s Church in London and I had my ticket already since July. However I did not expect the place to be packed, I mean the queue went around the building twice. It was my first time in this particular Church venue and the building was stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere quite peaceful and full of expectancy. I won’t go into too much detail here, feel free to follow the link above and buy her book which is wonderful. What I wanted to share here was how this woman conveyed such a peaceful feeling to the audience and was brutally honest even when recalling very personal matters. Her way of narrating her experience of going through the stages of: finding out she had cancer, being told she had not long to live, the pain of the treatments and finally her slipping into a coma and “crossing over” was straight to the point and honest. At no point she slipped into wishy-washy stuff or made herself to be better than anyone else.

She talked about Fear, Loving oneself and how we are so often stopped in this life by fear of this or that or the other. How repressing emotions can work against us, how loving oneself first and foremost is so important. And how it all really does not matter because, in the end, we all are as one.

I really wish the talk would have lasted longer and I think I will reread her book too, I would highly recommend it for you too 🙂


One thought on “Dying to be me (Anita Moorjani)

  1. Amy Duncan says:

    It was a wonderful book…I think I’ll read it again, too!

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