An uncertain start…

The last time I painted, coloured anything or have gone close to acrylic paints (or any paints) was around the time I was in secondary school, which amounts to just a little less than 30 years ago :O.

A few months ago I felt a nudge, a wish for want of a better word to paint. I resisted it since I thought it was ridiculous as I cannot draw or anything like that. Then I gave in one day and bought some canvas and some acrylics. The first 2 paintings were born and, thanks to support and advice of my friends, I have decided to add a category here and post them for all to see. They are channelled after all, it seems I can only paint when I feel nudged to and then the colours start appearing.

At present there is no theme, just inspiration and whatever comes through. So hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them :). Here are the first 2 🙂



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