Angel child

I was about 12 years old and staying at my auntie Laura for the weekend. I loved those weekends where I would have the chance to play with my 3 cousins and spend 3 days in relative normality and away from home.

On the saturday night I went to bed late and woke up in the middle of the night because it was way too hot in the room, it was summer and 3 of us slept in the same room. So I got a glass of water and went back to bed and just lied down on top of the covers. After a few minutes I thought I heard something and turned around. A shadow was crossing the room, the size of a child perhaps 3/4 feet in height. The hands were in the prayer position and it had lighter shadows on its back almost in the shape of wings. “It” looked at me and smiled then vanished.

The following morning, without saying what I had seen I asked each of my cousins if they got up during the night and they all said no. Anyway since they were all older than me they were too tall for the shadow size. At lunch I told my auntie and she was understanding (bless her she really helped me out through those years) and said that I was sensitive and nothing was meant to harm me and probably it was just a lost soul. Perhaps it was. To this day though, I’d like to think that an Angel visited me that day to let me know that, eventually, everything would be allright.




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